Travel Tuesday: Dahican Beach

Back to life, back to reality!!! Just thinking about the long work week ahead and my endless to-do-list is making me miss the crashing waves and powdery soft sand of Dahican Beach even more! Just a few hours ago I was in paradise–and now, I’m back in the chaotic city. But that’s the beauty about vacations–it’s nice to be able to work, feel productive, contribute to society, pay the bills–then give yourself a few days to just zone out. It’s a balancing act. 
So where is Dahican Beach located, you ask. Well, It’s a secret surf hideaway in Mindanao. A place we’ve been visiting ever since we were kids. Dahican is located in Mati, Davao Oriental–just two hours away from Davao City. Mati is my mom’s hometown, all my cousins grew up in this beautiful and picturesque province. Daniela and I would spend our summers and Christmas vacations in this beach, but as we grew older it became more difficult for us to make time to come to Mati because of our hectic work schedules. Luckily, my mom was able to find promo fares to Davao a few months back so we made arrangements to visit Mati just in time for my grandma’s birthday celebration. Our calendars were blocked off just for this special weekend to celebrate with our beloved Lola Inday. 
My relatives, Leo and Queenie Sibala, own a sweet and simple beachfront resort called KANAKBAI (which means Our Home). They have spacious and immaculately clean rooms, big enough to fit an entire family or a barkada of 5-6. For bookings, you can find them on Facebook. Just a few steps away, you’ll find the Dahican Surf Resort, which offers cozy cabanas for rugged surfers and beach lovers just looking for a place to chill and crash for the day. Here you can do some surfing, skim boarding, and you can even enjoy a cool barbecue cookout under the stars. Patrick went surfing with my boy cousins and came home all red (too adorable, he never ever gets tan!!!) and with frozen arms from all the paddling. Don’t worry kiddo, next time you’ll be ready to be a super surfer!
I was actually hesitant to share our “family secret” through this blog because the biggest pro about this beach is that it’s completely isolated and tucked away in sleepy and quiet Mati. It’s a virgin and pristine beach that has yet to be discovered by tourists. It’s a quiet sanctuary for locals and hard core surfers..and I’m hoping it stays beautifully preserved in the coming years! I would love to bring our kids here someday so hopefully the locals keep it clean and in its natural state. 
Every time we’re in Mati, I always come home with excess baggage—in my TUMMY!!! I eat a lot–but damn, these people eat A LOT. LIKE A LOT. LIKE ALL DAY. NON STOP. It’s eat, sleep, kain, kwentuhan, kain, surf, kain, picture-picture, kain ulit! Even while eating they’re already planning the next meal. My titas and titos prepared grand feasts for us all weekend, we had fresh seafoods and juicy fruits as well!
The highlight of course of this trip was spending time with my cousins. I don’t get to see them as often as I would like but it’s always great coming home to Mati to reconnect with them. This was also Patrick’s first introduction to my Davao clan (and first time in Mindanao!), so it was certainly a My Big Fat Greek Wedding moment for him since our family is a very loud and animated bunch! Hahaha 🙂 Now you know where I get my kalog genes! 

We also saw dozens of dolphins twirling and dancing at the crack of dawn!!! Too bad I didn’t get to catch them on video! 
I’ve been staring at these photos for a good 3 minutes and I’m sorry, I will not even attempt to come up with captions for these next two images. They’re just too awesome for words. Ladies and Gentlemen, MY FATHER…the surfer. NAKS. Kinulit pa niya ako to put this on my blog so that my readers will see his “cool side” daw! Yes, my genius lawyer dad knows how to “hang loose”. Hahahahaha!!! I. AM. DYING. OF. LAUGHTER!!!
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14 Responses to Travel Tuesday: Dahican Beach

  1. Hi Ms. Patty you have a great place in Mati!! I am also from Mindanao specifically in Butuan 8 hours travel to Davao. I can see that your family is indeed amazing!

  2. Hi patty ! Reading uour blog makes me want to go to Mati right now:)) im from Mindanao and we usually go to Mati for weekend trips. Im glad u have featured this to your blog. I have read somewhere u wanted a beachhouse there. I pray you get it soon. God Bless!

  3. Hey Patty! I really want to go to Davao soon. Will put this on our list when I plan. Will tell you! 🙂 Have a safe trip to Taiwan. Ano ba. Travel ng travel. Haha!

  4. Hello Miss Patty!
    My husband, together with his colleagues went there last month. He said the place is so nice 🙂

  5. my dad is friends with Leo, and they went to their place in Mati last year. my mom kept raving about the place and how beautiful it was. 🙂

  6. All I can say is wow! 😉 Thanks for sharing. I really don’t have enough time right now to read awesome blogs but I’m trying my best to read yours. I just love it!:)

  7. dear Patty,

    the photo of your dad posing with the surf board with matching caption such as the Wave Master Jedi and the Poseidon the Surf God MADE MY DAY!!! Thank you for such a wonderful and entertaining post! 🙂

  8. Just looking at your pix wd ur dad, i am very sure he will cry buckets on ur wedding day. Yours is a lovely family. When you tie the knot with Patrick, keep them glued to ur heart. Sweet days ahead!