Travel Tuesday: Dreaming of my NEXT destination

Nepal.Bangkok.Egypt.Abu Dhabi.
I was up ’til 2am last night, scouring the web for deals and steals. I was a lion on full hunter mode trying desperately to come across another promo. I’m absolutely loving every minute of our wedding planning but I find myself more engrossed in honeymoon planning these days..yes, that’s the travel bug overthrowing the bride-to-be in me!:) I’m one of those girls who prefers a simple and pretty wedding but with an EPIC honeymoon! Oooh, I said EPIC. I’m so last year. Hahaha. 
Traveling all these years as a single girl with friends and family was F-U-N and I highly recommend it to everyone..the experiences you’ll have will last you a lifetime! But I’m sure traveling with my husband (ayun o!! yiheee!) will be another more exciting adventure..and I pray that God will provide the provisions for us to travel in the near future. Now that I have a permanent travel bud, it makes planning much more meaningful and purposeful. We’ve got a whole year to do our research and to save money, so this should be fun!!! Hopefully, we find a destination that covers everything: good food, welcoming locals, interesting architecture, deep-rooted culture and history, and spectacular landscapes 🙂 Country #30, come to MAMA (and your new Papa, hahaha)!!!!
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6 Responses to Travel Tuesday: Dreaming of my NEXT destination

  1. i have never been lucky winning promos and giveaways but i’m still taking my chance. I hope I win this time. *crossed fingers* I’ll be able to have a Headware on my next travel adventure 😀

  2. I used to travel either alone or with friends, then with my wife, and now with my wife and daughter.

    I’ve always dreamt of going to Seychelles but since I didn’t know how it was spelled then. I would tell my friends I want to go to Madagascar instead, he he he

  3. i agree 🙂 i’d rather spend on the honeymoon than on the wedding. i’m actually getting married this oct. and have just decided on our honeymoon this morning! hahaha exciting times ahead ms. patty! God bless you and patrick!