Travel Tuesday: HIDDEN CITIES with Anthony Morse

I hardly have the time to watch television these days so when I do get the chance to actually have a full hour to sit in front of the TV set, I make sure it’s worth my precious downtime. There are only a handful of channels I switch back and forth to and one of them would have to be the HISTORY channel. I know it sounds daunting at first, when you hear the word “HISTORY” flashbacks of your boring 6th grade teacher ‘s slideshow start to trickle back into your mind. Well, just for the record, MY 6th grade history teacher was brilliant and I was fascinated by his stories about ancient civilizations. I was quite obsessed with Mesopotamia and Egypt for a whole semester! But if you are not a big HISTORY nerd like me, fear not because the shows on the HISTORY channel are far from boring! They have a whole selection of different Tv shows covering all sorts of topics from history to science, archaeology to pop culture..and my favorite topic: TRAVEL!!!!

It’s no secret that I love traveling.More than the beautiful landscapes and interesting architecture, it’s really the PEOPLE and their history that make me fall in love with a specific place. Sadly, as a tourist you have a limited amount on most you’ll probably get a 3 week vacation from work and that’s definitely not enough time to cover EVERYTHING. Thankfully, the HISTORY channel has made it much easier for all of us to explore a place without even having to leave our homes!

Hidden Cities is an exciting production that attempts to unearth some of the world’s most fascinating untold stories and forgotten treasures—most of which you probably never even heard of! Through this program, those who love to travel like me and even those who haven’t been out of the country can then experience the amazing hidden gems of the world.

With the success of its first season, the channel is now preparing to unveil an all-new second season, which will take us through 7 countries across Asia. The main man himself, Anthony Morse, came to Manila to film a special episode on the Philippines and I was lucky enough to chat with him for a whole afternoon! This cool fella is just a few years older than me but he’s been all around the world! What can I say, the guy has a dream job..MY DREAM JOB!!!:) It’s fun to meet globetrotters like Anthony and I’m sure the Filipino audience will love this guy! So be sure to catch his show on the History Channel!

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  1. hey Miss Patty I’ve also been wondering where’s your question but still I sent something as an answer on your mail! :)hope you’ll read it! 🙂

  2. Oh, 6th grade history with Mr. V was the best! Did you know that I bumped into him again while shooting a friend’s wedding (where he was one of the ninongs hehe) and he looks EXACTLY the same??

    p.s. Uuuy, nice necklace 😉