Travel Tuesday: KUALA LUMPUR

Last weekend, I was sent to Malaysia to represent the Philippines in the Music Art Style International Festival along with my friends Kelly Misa, Karen Pamintuan, Amber Davis, Lala Jara, Marge Gutierrez, and fab designer Veejay Floresca. We flew in and out just for work, but we managed to squeeze in a few fun activities in between. So if you have less than 48 hours to spare in KL, then here are our top recommendations for a quick breeze through this cosmopolitan city.

1.  Aquaria
An underwater adventure, similar to our very own Ocean Park but larger and featuring more exotic species. This is perfect for families and big groups but it’s actually a good date place too! The cool blue water filled with colorful fishies serves as a great backdrop for those little, sweet moments with your honey 🙂

2. Lobster Dinner at The Ship
The best lobster I’ve ever tasted in my entire life!!!! We each got 1 big the end of the night, we were all unbuttoning our jeans to “expand”. Hahaha 🙂 Their lobsters were ginormous and juicy..ahh, Im salivating now!

3. Luna Chill Lounge and Pool
After our 2nd show, we all trooped to Luna for an after party. Since we were working all day, we were starving and ended up devouring all the food in 5 minutes! Obviously, we’re not REAL mowwwdels..ang tatakaw kasi namin! Hindi ata uso yung diet-diet with this group!:) This chill lounge has a pool right in the middle so if you’re up for a late night swim, then you’re free to take a dip and dance in the water! 
4. Food Trip
Malaysian food is quite diverse, with Indian, Singaporean, and Chinese influences, so it’s really a mix of different cultures in each dish! I loved their chicken satay and insanely spicy chili crabs! We had to eat the crabs with our hands so the spices lingered on our fingers for almost 2 days (after showering and scrubbing endlessly!)..ganun kalakas yung mga spices nila! And Karen, she loves the Milky Balls dessert at Passage to India..why??? Well, ask HER. Hahahahaha 🙂
5. Petronas Towers
The most famous structure in the whole of Kuala Lumpur, the twin towers of Petronas. Did you know that it took 7 years to build these towers and that it was once the tallest buildings in the world..then Taipei 101 snatched the crown from them. And what’s interesting to note is that the twin towers were designed by Filipinos Deejay Cerico and Dominic Saibo! Oh yeaaahhh! Represent!!! 🙂 Galing talaga ng mga Pinoy! The Petronas Towers are spectacular in the evening, even up close it looks like you’re staring at a screensaver! 
I’m so excited to share the photos of our two fashion shows in KL with clothes by Veejay Floresca 🙂 I’ll be posting a special entry on Fashion Friday! But for now, I have a special contest for all of you. Since you’ve all been asking about the video cam I used for my Europe trip, I decided to team up with Kodak Philippines for a cool giveaway promo for my dear blog readers. 
I’m giving away awesome 
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  1. Definitely joining! You were the very reason why I’m aiming to have a Kodak Playsport before the year ends. Hopefully I get lucky. 🙂 Your travel posts are to die for. I

  2. Grabe! Nung unang nakita ko yang Video camera na yan, naamaze na ako e… parang cellphone! waaaah..kaso mukhang malabo, yung mga nagsubmit nakarating na ng Paris.. Ako, Bulacan! haha.. still positive pa rin! 🙂 love your blog ate patty!