Travel Tuesday: Malaysia, One Last Time

For this Travel Tuesday, I’m so excited to share a video featuring my Electro-Pop Superstar friend: AMBER DAVIS and me as the dakilang saling-kitkit-slash-superstar’s sidekick. Hahaha!:) If you’d like to catch a quick glimpse of Kuala Lumpur than this video will do the trick! It shows all the different sights, sounds and flavors of the Malaysian capital.

To all her fans out there, this video will show you the kooky and playful side of Amber that we, her close friends, are more familiar with. She performed at the Music Art and Style International Festival recently, the same festival where I modeled for Veejay Floresca. Watch this video and try to spot the furry, little creature of the rare, endangered species called Patrocius Laurelius. Aww, this video made me miss my Malaysian crew! A shout out to the gang: Kelly, Karen, Lala, Marge, Pat, Alvin, Marcus, and of course the diva of divas, Veejay!!! Looking forward to our next trip!

P.S. Amber’s LIGHT YEARS video is coming out real soon! I saw a sneak preview a few days ago and it’s too cool for school, kids! I’ll convince Amber to debut it on my blog before she shows it to the rest of the world..her hundreds of European fans will have to wait, syempre mauuna yung mga Pinoy blog readers ko noh!!! Right, Amber? Wink, wink!:) 

2 Responses to Travel Tuesday: Malaysia, One Last Time

  1. definitely one of the coolest blogs with the coolest girl writing it.. and it gets better everyday! whats next?!