Travel Tuesday: Malaysia with the Nuffies

I’d like to extend my deepest thanks to the NUFFNANG family for sending me to Malaysia last week to support Team Philippines at the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards. Team PH bagged a total of 4 awards, well done Pinoy bloggers! It was so surreal hob-knobbing with the big shots in the blogging world.. especially since I’m just more of a hobby-blogger and not a pro-fayshonal. A special shout out to my new blogger-BFFs, Nikki Tiu and Angela Nepomuceno! 🙂 Thank you girls for making this weekend truly memorable for me!

9 Responses to Travel Tuesday: Malaysia with the Nuffies

  1. Woot! Hallooo to my BFF! 😀 It was so nice to meet you dear! I’m so glad you were my roomie and had a chance to bond with you and Nikki! 😀 I never thought I’d gain true friendships in just 3 days! You guys made that weekend extra enjoyable! 😀

    P.S. If you want makeup and fasyon shopping buddies, we’re just a text/ tweet away! 😀 HAHA!

  2. Hi Patty girl and Angela! 🙂 Girls! thank you for making this trip memorable!!!! Patty dear, before you shop again for makeup, you should have ME and Angela together with you to drop those cosmetics inside the “BASKET” super fun!!! Thanks for the fun “shopping day” + all the wonderful chikadorang palaka moments! 🙂 See you both soon!!!! 😀