Travel Tuesday: The Peacock Garden

Nope. I did not fly to Europe with my girlfriends. Yep. This is in the Philippines. Right smack in the center of Bohol to be precise.Can you believe it??? Just a short plane ride and you’re transported to a completely different continent! I’m so glad Sheila happens to be a professional photographer because I don’t think my point and shoot skills will do this hotel any justice. If you’re looking for a quiet getaway, this should be on your list. I love the beach and I love busy destinations too–but there are times when I just want to zone out and purposefully do NOTHING and trust me, this is THE place to just DO NOTHING and have the time of your life. Well NOTHING actually a meant a whole lot of eating, spa-ing, swimming, and talking til 2AM.  It was “doing nothing” that definitely did “something” to our stressed and busy minds and bodies. Ok, I’m not making sense am I?  It’s hard to put my finger on it really, it’s almost like we were completely surrendered to the Peacock spell– we never ever got bored and came home completely relaxed and fulfilled after our 3 day sojourn. 
This hotel is a shutterbug’s dream. There are just so many pretty places in this sprawling property!
God was so good, he blessed us with crisp and perfect weather throughout our trip!
Just walking around their well manicured lawns or taking a dip in their infinity pool puts you in a complete zen mode. We decided to enjoy a little morning swim after breakfast 🙂 Hayyyy girls, we have to go back and bring our husbands (uyyyy, nakikisama na ako!) to Peacock Garden! SOON.
The entire hotel features authentic antique pieces flown in from Europe. The German owner of this hotel is a passionate art and antiques collector—walking through the hallways feels like you’re in an actual museum! I love how this hotel (although relatively new) allows you to step back in time. You don’t have to travel and spend XXXX amount, if you can snag a piso fare–then you can easily jet to Tagbilaran and “travel” to Europe by booking a room at the Peacock Garden! 
The rooms are so luxuriously decorated, you’ll be too lazy to leave! I see all the husbands having a light bulb moment! Hahaha 🙂 If you want to keep your wife all to yourself for a weekend, this is where you should book a room!
The owners of Peacock Garden have got to be nicest couple EVER. Amanda and Chris are also tying the knot soon so we were able to bond about wedding joys (and nightmares) over dinner. They take pride in being very hands on in serving their customers and I have got to say we really felt so pampered throughout our stay! It’s no wonder this hotel has won so many awards from various international travel sites.
I can’t even begin to describe my love for these two girls, Stella and Sheila!!! They have been my source of inspiration and encouragement (especially in this very important season in my life!). 
If you google the Peacock Garden, chances are you’ll find lots of enthusiastic reviews about their food. Their food alone is worth the trip! I gained 5 pounds (not even exaggerating here!) in 3 days! Not exactly a good idea for a bride-to-be, but I couldn’t resist. A word of caution, the word DIET will magically disappear once you check in to this hotel. Stella will be blogging about the FOOD, so stay tuned for that. 
I want to say thank you to Jenny Casitas and Pevonia Botanica for arranging everything for me and my girlaloos. You are an angel to me!!:) I will be blogging about our SPAntastic (hahaha, I just had to do that!) experience on Thursday!
The three of us are still on a high from this Peacock Garden experience. I think we will have a very difficult time choosing our next girlaloo destination because they’ve set the bar pretty high! Our deepest thanks again to the gracious staff of Peacock Garden for being such wonderful hosts!:)
Photos by Sheila Juan-Catilo
For inquiries, simply visit their website

4 Responses to Travel Tuesday: The Peacock Garden

  1. Kinilig ako for this entry! Hahaha I LOVE Bohol and 50% is probably due to our stay at Peacock Garden. When we went there, in the works pa yung spa, pero sobrang nag-enjoy ako. Todo! Halos everyday nasa swimming pool ako. Pwedeng di ka na lumabas ng lugar na yan sa sobrang daming pwedeng ma-explore hahaha 🙂

  2. Hi Patty! After reading your blog about the Peacock Garden over a year ago, me and my girlfriend (who’s an avid reader of your blog BTW) have been craving to go there. And last week, we finally did! The Peacock Garden was truly a hidden gem behind the lush greens and blues of Bohol. I also made a blog post about our stay at The Peacock Garden (inspired by your blog post, of course).

    Feel free to drop by anytime!