Travel Tuesday: VENEZIA

Oh my darling, Venezia. How I miss you so!!! The last time I was in Venice was ages and ages ago, back when I was still a little college student with no lovey dovey to hold hands with! (This explains the grainy shots from my 2 megapixel camera..yes, 2 megapixels lang!!! and my very 2004 Oakley shades, yuck!) I vow to return to this painfully romantic city with my future husband again wait for me Venice and please don’t SINK! I discovered this cute video that was shot in Venice..such a fun and quirky way to explore this charming floating city 🙂

3 Responses to Travel Tuesday: VENEZIA

  1. your skin is so glowing and you have a very pretty smile :). most of all your articles are interesting! u are my fave celeb blogger… way to go patty…