Travel Tuesday:Be Cool in Bicol

My friends and I were invited as guests at the super luxurious hotel, The Oriental in Legaspi City. It was my very first time in Bicol so I was dreaming about this trip for weeks! I realized that I haven’t fully explored my own country (such a shame actually!) and so I’m making it a personal mission to take more local trips in the coming years and help support the local tourism industry. Project Pinoy Gerbil Adventures is ready to launch!:) Aside from the world famous perfect peak of Mayon, the gentle giants  a.k.a butandings (which sadly we failed to spot even after waiting for 3 whole hours under the sun!),  and of course the delicious food (READ: BICOL EXPRESS, NEW LOOK DAING and LAING).. Bicol is home to many hidden gems and is definitely worth visiting! We stayed at The Oriental for 4 days at bitin na bitin talaga kami!!! Bicol, I’ll be back!
With our matching Stoked Rashies and Rip Curl Board shorts!
I’ve been to several hotels in my life (mostly budget types, hahaha!) so to stay in such an elegant place like The Oriental was a welcome treat for me. From the Legaspi airport, it was just a very short drive to the hotel which is perched gently on top of a hill overlooking the Mayon. Locals say that this is the only establishment that offers perfect views of this volcano. We took photos like crazy everyday, trying several poses with the Mayon..gosh, these tourists!! Hahaha 🙂 Napaka-swerte naman ng mga Bicolano who get to witness this majestic peak every single day. I just grew up looking at the post cards..oh and that horrible  mini Mayon in Nayong Pilipino. We chilled by the  infinity pool, sipped a few cocktails and just gazed at the Mayon all day.
The hotel itself should be a tourist spot in Legaspi! I’m not even kidding! You know those resorts you see in “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”well…this hotel definitely elicits that same chic and sophisticated vibe perfect for even the most discriminating traveler. Their suites are immaculately clean and tastefully decorated in all white. The staff was extremely friendly yet professional and took good care of our crazy and rowdy group. Hopefully next week I can share some videos to give you guys a better feel of the hotel. I hear they have several hotel branches around the country so I’m looking forward to archipelago hopping to more Philippine destinations soon!
Our happy barkada in Bicol!

Special thanks to the wonderful staff of The Oriental, Legaspi for taking care of us!

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  1. I hope you and the rest of your gang could visit NAGA CITY (Ang Maogmang Lugar which means “A Happy Place”) and CAMARINES SUR as well. Happy birthday Ms. Patty!

  2. I haven’t been to Bicol myself, but I realize it’s creating a buzz these days! Will plan for a trip when I get back. The hotel does look luxurious too! Thanks Patty.

  3. Hi Idol Patty! I was also in Legazpi and Donsol last week! And I feel for you since we were not also that lucky to see the Butandings in our first try. There were so many boats and I guess they were disturbed with all the sounds of the machine. Lucky for us, we still have time on the morrow and we were lucky na. We swam with four butandings!!!! 🙂 It was a very amazing experience!!! 🙂 Im glad you will add your local travels. Our country is pretty wonderful and has lot of wonders to offer. May I suggest, for your next visit, go to Coron and El Nido. Or try the white water rafting in CDO or Davao River. Hehe. 🙂

    Oh by the way, you are my inspiration in being a traveler. Haha. Though most of my trips are local, my friends and I (whom are avid readers)plan to do backpacking abroad! And your blog is really helpful to all of us. BEcause of your posts, we now have an ending lists of countries to visit!!! 😀