Travel Tuesday:MY NUMBER 30

A few weeks ago I visited Fun Taiwan, My 30th country at age 29!!! Awesome sauce!!!:) Although there’s a grand and endless political debate about it, please for the sake of my personal travel goal–let’s consider it a country!! They have their own currency and flag–so that should count! I’ll be honest with you folks, Taiwan was never really on my list of MUST SEE places before I die. It was always on the map, I was fully aware of its existence, but that was that. It was only through the FUN TAIWAN show on TLC that suddenly this small country intrigued me. If you do a little research about Taiwan, you’ll see that they are quite an interesting people (and very strong and resilient too)–with  traces of Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch and even Portugese influences in their culture and heritage. In many ways, they’re like Filipinos–a relatively young country that’s struggling to define their own identity and stepping out of the shadows of their Asian big brothers.  Last week I was invited by the Taiwan Visitors Association to discover Taipei and it’s neighboring provinces. We spent 3 full days in Taiwan (definitely bitin) but thankfully Chal Del Rosario of Jeron Travel and Tours was able to squeeze in so many activities in such a short span of time. I will be writing more extensively about this trip soon, but in the meantime here are some photos from my trip! 
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13 Responses to Travel Tuesday:MY NUMBER 30

  1. Nice Ms. Patty! Gusto ko din makapunta jan at makit ng F4! haha.. ask ko lang po, anong camera model yung gamit niyo? High quality yung pictures!! :)) Godbless!

  2. Taipei! I love that place! Never really intended to visit until we had to join a competition there. Underrated but definitely fun and interesting and cheap! Not to mention people are very nice!

  3. So, you went to Xiao Long Bao heaven! Love love love the blue maxi dress & your expressions in photos are priceless! (Especially the one with the praying hands. Kidding) :))

  4. Hi
    I love Taiwan. My whole family went there for a vacation just recently. Have you visited Jiufen Old Street and Shifen where you can light up Sky Lantern and release it to the sky?