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With the way Patrick and I have been traveling for the past 2 years, our luggage always take quite a beating. We’re actually really careful in handling our luggage but of course, as soon as we check those babies in all we can really do is hope and pray that they don’t get damaged in transit. As a luggage lover, every time I see the bags being transported to and from the plane, I feel a tinge of pain for the bags that are thrown, bruised, smashed, and piled one on top of the other. Ang sakiiiiiit!!! And that is WHY you need to invest in GOOD luggage. Sure, there will always be cheaper alternatives that look, feel and smell like the more expensive counterparts—but trust me, they are not as durable and tough so it’s better to shell out a bit more for quality suitcases.

As I’ve mentioned we’re leaving for Europe this Friday, so I decided to pop in my favorite FLIGHT 001 store in Bonifacio High Street to get new suitcases for our trip. I’ve been purchasing a lot of essentials from this one-stop travel store for quite some time now, I actually got my SPACEPAK systems from Flight001 (they’ve been my lifesavers ever since!). They actually carry a lot of top travel brands—but my favorite would have to be DELSEY. I’ve been a DELSEY fan for decades and since it’s a French brand and we’re heading to PARIS—-pwede!!! Hahahaha!


ALLELUIA!!! I found THE perfect travel umbrellas!!!! Durable and convenient for travel!


Maps, subway guides, and other useful travel tools


Patrick and I know that traveling LIGHT (and organized) is the only way to go. We only have 3 items each with us MAX—a check in bag (usually we get a medium sized one), a matching carry on (with all our valuables/essentials/and extra clothes in case our check in bag gets lost!), and a small handbag for me and a backpack for Patrick. No additional paper bags, boxes, duffels, extra bayongs, and other borloloys dangling around our necks. We’re easy, minimalist, very low maintenance travelers and I guess that’s why we’ve managed to globe trot with so much ease. My husband is very chivalrous and always insists on carrying the big bags for me– so out of consideration, I also make it a point to pack light for him and keep things to a minimum so he’s not stressed and harassed while traveling. Siya na nga tagabitbit diba, so I have to make it easy for him. For this trip, I asked REDG of Delsey to help me select the lightest suitcases available and he recommended this Tuileries line for Patrick. Sobrang gaan talaga! It’s expandable too so you can really pack a lot into these bags. The Navy Blue ones for Patrick were perfect–para masculine naman and not pink with flowers! Hehehe 🙂

FOR PATRICK: With elegant and clean lines, the TUILERIES range will delight travellers looking for the ultimate in light weight! 41 times stronger than regular zip fasteners, the SECURI TECH ZIP gives you the highest degree of security under all circumstances. You can travel with perfect peace of mind when you have the SECURI TECH ZIP to rely on. This DELSEY luggage features expandable pockets, enabling you to increase your suitcase’s volume whenever you need to.


I opted for the more “stylish” ones of course—HAHAHA, syempre!!!–so I chose these trolleys from the Delsey CHATELET line. Don’t they remind you of the 1940s-1950s when traveling was oh-so-chic and glamorous!? The black hard case goes elegantly with the brown leather trimmings. These are definitely OOTD friendly suitcases! And just like the Tuileries line, it’s also very lightweight, durable and secure.

FOR PATTY: Chatelet 4 wheel trolley—Clean curves, Hinomoto wheels, the use of 100% virgin Makrolon® polycarbonate and, above all, a brand-new functional feature: the exclusive integrated brake system.The Hinomoto wheels and brakes featured on this product are Japanese branded components. The silent-running wheels provide you with the last word in user comfort.The very easy-to-use brake is applied to the luggage’s front wheels, allowing it to be rolled on two wheels, leaving the brake engaged for four-wheel rolling. The identification plate is located on the rear of your luggage, bearing an individual code. In the event of loss you will be put in email contact with the person who found your luggage, so that you can easily recover it.

P1260319P1260329I am sooooooo incredibly happy with our Delsey maletas!! I can’t wait to go on this next adventure with my new travel buddies.

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  1. Hi Patty! Would just like to ask what the model of your delsey luggage is (the one in your instagram, the polka dot one). I super like it! Thanks! 🙂

  2. Great choice- Love you blog Ms. Patty very informative and entertaining.
    I am smiling while reading your blogs- It makes me relax while having a break from work (my me time )Happy Holidays

  3. Hi Patty, i’ll be travelling to Paris 2 weeks from now. May I know how much is the chatelet trolley you have featured? Thanks.

  4. I know this is late…. but what size Delsey bags did you end up with? I’m going back and forth between the 19″ and 21″ Chatelet’s due to carry-on restrictions. Any advice or input you have on full dimensions including wheels would be great!

    Thanks 🙂

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