Two Chocoholics on the Loose

When Enderun College sent me an invite for L’Art de la Patisserie with French Pastry Chef Franck Geuffroy of the Alain Ducasse Formation, I said YES without a moment of hesitation! I didn’t even bother to check the time and date..all I needed to see were the magic words: “DESSERTS” and “TOP FRENCH CHEF” and that was good enough for me! I couldn’t think of a better date for my dessert fiesta than my fellow foodie lover, Cecil! We’re always the center of attention at the dinner table because of our *ahem, ahem* unusual eating habits..we’re both very petite but both have very big appetites. But Cecil, hands down, is the FOOD QUEEN. There’s no contest there. Sometimes I’m just amazed at how she can fit all that food in her tiny frame. 🙂 
Out of sheer excitement, I woke up even before my alarm sounded off on a lazy Saturday morning. I picked up Cecil at 9am and we traveled to the Enderun Campus at The Fort from Alabang. We were both very impressed by the campus and even felt a bit jealous. These young kids are just so lucky, the students at Enderun were all smiles! Back in the day, you had to travel half way across the globe and spend millions just to get a degree in culinary. Now we have quality culinary education in our own country. I think that’s just wonderful especially since Filipinos are skilled cooks and masters in the kitchen! Oh how I’d love to have the opportunity to take a short culinary course in such a top notch school! That would be such a dream 🙂 
Just as most girls would probably go ga-ga over the muscular men at the Cosmo Bachelor Bash or scream like crazy over some Korean boyband…Cecil and I were going absolute bonkers over all the delicious desserts prepared by Chef Franck! Nothing could be more seductive than a Rich Chocolate Cake with layers of hazelnut ganache, pralines, and white biscuits. Hayayayayay. We were so starstruck with each dish, we were this close to whistling provocatively at the desserts and saying “Hey, Sexy!! Come to mama!”.Thankfully, we were able to compose ourselves and control our urges! 

Chef Franck Geuffroy started his career at the Hotel de Crillon in Paris for several years. In 1998, he won the tasting prize and became the Vice Champion for plated desserts in the Championnat de France du Dessert. In 2004, he became head pastry chef of  the 3 Michelin-star Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee in Paris. In 2010, he joined the Alain Ducasse Formation et Conseil as training chef and consultant, working on many projects in France and abroad.” -Enderun College

We enjoyed the live pastry demonstration by Chef Franck which was so entertaining! I have a lot of respect for pastry chefs as it is possibly one of the most meticulous jobs in the culinary industry. Did you know that pastry chefs should never have WARM if your hands warm up easily, then that immediately disqualifies you! OUCH. Pastry chefs are more than just cooks in the kitchen, they are scientists who study temperature changes, chemical properties of ingredients, and create several formulas too..they’re also artists, making elaborate and intricate structures with nothing but sugar and chocolates! 
After the pastry demonstration, we proceeded to Restaurant 101 where we were treated to a yummy lunch prepared especially by famed Chef Nicolas Cantrel (yep, he was the winner of THE IRON CHEF!!!! Amazing!!!) As soon as we finished our lunch, we made our way up to the Pastry Kitchen where we were greeted by a sea of desserts! Cecil and I felt like we stepped into a Willy Wonka movie scene! That’s where we literally went WILD..wala ng hiya-hiya! We found ourselves squeezing our big butts through the line just to sample all those yummy treats by Chef Franck and the Enderun team! We devoured all the desserts without drinking any water so I was choking towards the end. Sugar overload indeed! Cecil shot a quick vid of me at the desserts buffet, it was more like a silent patty rejoicing so forgive the Charlie Chaplin-ness..I was trying to keep my excitement on the down low because I was in a room full of people! 🙂

Here are some of the desserts we sampled:
1. Paris-Brest:  a ring of golden brown pate’ a choux pastry that sandwiches praline cream and sliced almonds
2. Kouglof: a brioche-like coffee cake from Alsace, lightly sweet and studded with raisins
3. Gateau Basque: almond flavored tart filled with pastry cream and cherries
4. Tropezienne: rich orange blossom water scented brioche that oozes with buttercream
5. St. Honore (Cecil’s favorite!): puff pastry base toped with a ring of small, caramel drenched cream puffs with whipped cream
6. Citrus Entremet: coconut mousse, citrus creme, white chocolate brownie, and grapefruit
7. Intense Raspberry Chocolate Brownie
8. Louis XV: a decadent Valhrona melt n’crisp chocolate bar –THIS ONE IS TO DIE FOR!!! 
Enderun is offering a 3 month Pastry Arts Certificate course this November for home cooks who want to increase their knowledge in pastry and bread-making. If you’d like to find out more about this program as well as their other short cooking courses, you can check out
Before I leave you, here’s a quote they shared at Enderun which really made me KILIG as a sweet tooth…

“A dessert does not just end a meal, it is a person’s last memory of a meal, and so it must be something that inspires happy thoughts” 

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  1. Oh myyyy, reading the list of desserts you sampled made me palpitate AND salivate! I LOVE their Louis XV, I almost died with ecstasy while eating it (and you’re right, it’s worth dying for haha). I wish they had a shorter course so I could fit it into my schedule.. somehow! 🙁