Up in the Air with Eva Air

As much as I LOVE to travel, the sitting on your bum for hours is not exactly my most favorite part. I dread long haul flights, it’s just something I physically and mentally have to psych myself for. Thankfully, more and more top of the line airlines have included Manila on their flight map, giving us the luxury of choice. We can now choose an airline that flies to our preferred destination (with minimal layovers!), works with our budget, and offers comfort&good service too! 

When I was younger, I just booked cheap flights–because they were cheap. As simple as that. But after traveling for many years I learned that it doesn’t end with the price—a good deal is only a good deal if you’re getting GREAT service at a LOW price. If you’re getting LOW service for the LOW price you paid then that doesn’t seem to be worth the brag.    These days  COMFORT is a crucial criterion in choosing airlines —so a perfect match for me would be a comfortable flight at an affordable price. BINGO! 

For our NY trip, I did a lot of research online and narrowed it down to a few options. Eva Air won this round because of their Evergreen Deluxe/Elite class. It’s actually a class in between Business and Economy, giving you luxury that’s more affordable for the budget-savvy but discerning traveler. It’s obviously a bit more pricey than what you’d pay for coach, but for an 18 hour flight it’s something worth considering especially if you want to be well rested during your trip.
According to their site, This fourth class of service included the luxury seating, personal entertainment screens and individual controls usually associated with business class, but was available at a cost a little above that of economy class. High-quality passenger comfort and attentive in-flight service give you amenities typically found only in business class on other airlines. Our Evergreen Deluxe cabins meet domestic business-class standards, offer spacious seating with rows positioned 38 inches apart, and give you your own individual seat-back video system with a selection of movies for your in-flight entertainment. You can even adjust your screen to the optimum viewing angle and operate the system with digital controls built-in to the front of your armrest.”
Chillin’ with my EVA girlfriends! Hihihihi 🙂
To book your Evergreen Deluxe/Elite Class seats, simply log on to www.evaair.com or contact your friendly travel agent to inquire about Eva Air’s latest promotions. Their interactive site allows you to book and pay for your tickets at the comfort of your own home! With just a few clicks, you can select your preferred flight schedules, check in online to avoid the long lines in NAIA, and you can even  pre-order your meals (for Business Class). Plus you can also get free real time flight status updates via SMS! I was able to book our flights and pay for our taxes/service fees within minutes—no stress at all! I’d like to extend my  deepest thanks to the lovely ladies of EVA AIR: Nenita Chan, Nancie Ng, and Andrea Carlos for making this all possible! 

                     To hear more about our actual flight experience, just click on this video below.

EvaAir from Thirtysixomedia on Vimeo.

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