Vanilla in Manila

Thank you to Bernadette of BC Fragrance for sending me this sweet smelling gift 
for me and my readers!
Enhance your environment and infuse your home with the BC Fragrance’s Home Fragrance Collection.
Using the finest fragrance oils, make your rooms feel more stylish, welcoming, spacious or festive. Discover and choose a home fragrance product that fits your lifestyle and notice the difference.

BC Fragrance’s Signature Room Sprays

Spray generously in a room to instantly scent and change the ambiance in any room in your home. Spray a small amount on curtains, cushions and papers. Available in 85ml glass sprayer (at or 150ml bottles (at

BC Fragrance’s Signature Aromatic Diffusers

This simple bottle softly diffuses scent through the reed sticks, creating a mild ambiance without burning, soots and waste. Simply position the fragrance bottle in the room of your choice and pour reed diffuser oil. Place the reed bundle into the neck and reverse the reeds every few days or as desired to enhance the scent. Aromatic Diffusers work best in areas with constant air flow. One bottle may last 3-4 months or more. Available in 100ml.

Enjoy these two products in our other signature scents: Gardenia, Ginger Orange, Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Orange Blossom, Red Apple, Sweet Pea. Other BC Fragrance Signature Products available are Relaxing Mint Pillow Mist and Fresh Cotton Linen Spray. BC Fragrance’s Vanilla Beans Collection is exclusively available at For perfumes, home fragrances and other scenting needs, please visit
I’m giving away several sets of the 
to some Lucky Blog Readers!
1.Tweet us at @bcfragrance and @pattylaurel and tell us which part of your home you’d like to VANILLA-fy with this aromatic diffuser. 

2. Include your location as a hashtag. Contest ends on August 1.
“Hi @pattylaurel! I’d love to VANILLA-fy our guest toilet. I’m sure all our house guests will be impressed to discover a sweet smelling banyo. #taguig”

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