Vavavoom Hair for Vavavoom Mamas

I’m not a mother yet but it’s something I’ve been praying for as early as now..for God to build me up physically, emotionally, and spiritually for the arduous and completely selfless task of being a mom. The closest I’ve gotten to “mothering” is as a preschool teacher, but as I always say it’s NOT the same. You only get a few hours a day with your students–but for mothers, it’s a 24-7 job with no breaks and vacation leaves. A lot of people have the capacity to bear a child, but it takes a really STRONG woman to warrant the title “MOM”. 
A few days ago, I found out about Jing Monis Salon’s special discount for MOMS so I alerted my two mommy buddies, Michelle and Denise, about this promo. Both ladies were thrilled to hear that the famous Jing Monis Salon now has a branch in Bellevue Hotel, Alabang since both are South residents. Michelle even shared “This is so perfect! I’ve been trying to book an appointment for the longest time with my hairdresser but I’ve been so busy that I don’t have time to visit him in Makati when he’s available. This salon is much closer to where I live!” They had a ton of errands on their to do list but I convinced them to take a much needed MAMA DAY OFF so they could pamper themselves silly at the salon. So they made arrangements for their kids and visited the Jing Monis Salon to get a long overdue hair makeover. 
Michelle Teves
Mom to Natalia, Andres, Lucas and Specialty Cakes Maker 
“My life basically revolves around my kids. Its a privilege and a blessing to be serving the people I love most. I’ve really made it a point to make them a priority. It means that they really come first, even if it means I would have to stay up extra late just to finish a cake so I can still make time to read a bedtime story to my kids.”
Denise Lumbad
Mom to Franco and Pet Photographer
“I’m a wife, mom and homemaker. Unless I have a photo shoot or a meeting outside, I do most of my work from home. It’s a balancing act that I never quite learned to perfect! Sometimes the laundry is left undone, sometimes the dishes are left in the sink overnight, sometimes the pizza delivery guy has to come to the rescue. And many times, the gorgeous dress, or pricy pair of shoes, or expensive gadget, or day at the spa/ salon, gets put in the back-burner for awhile (or left there forever, haha!) because other more important things take priority.”
“ME time is really precious to me. It’s important to not neglect ourselves in the process of serving our family because we can give our best especially when we’re at our best. Best doesn’t only mean physically. It covers everything: emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.It was great being pampered. I was able to step back, relax and feel pretty! My experience at the Jing Monis Salon was just perfect. The staff was very warm and very accommodating. I think I had four rounds of iced tea and read stacks of magazines! They gave me a beautiful new haircut, a treatment, plus a super blowout too!”- Michelle
“It was my first time at the Jing Monis Salon in Alabang. Because it’s at Bellevue’s pool deck, right away you get that relaxing feel. I liked the atmosphere: fresh, bright, and clean, with lots of natural light. We were greeted by friendly staff and welcomed with a refreshing iced tea. I’m particular about the way people shampoo my hair, and I must say John was very good. He was very gentle but very thorough, didn’t miss a spot and capped it off with a delightful head massage. Manny, the guy who cut my hair, knew immediately what I wanted and executed it very well and quickly too. I also loved the way my hair was colored! I LOVE MY NEW LOOK!”- Denise
Jing Monis Alabang has a special treat for all the MOMS out there! 
You get 15% off for the entire month of MAY! It’s a HOT MAMA-MAY indeed!!!
All photos by Denise
To all the MOMS in the house, this giveaway is FOR YOU!
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Contest ends on May 20.

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