Video Blog: The Pats in Iceland

Tadaaaaahhhh!!! Here it is, ladies and gents! A true test of Patrick’s skills, as this was shot in the harshest weather conditions, the most extreme cold  we’ve ever experienced in our lives! We visited Iceland at the peak of winter and endured their negative 2 to negative 6 degree climate with strong winds just for “fun”. Hahahaha! If you notice, all my shots are “AHHHHH! Ang lammmiiiiiggg” so you won’t find any glamorous poses in this video! NA-DA! But Iceland was truly breathtaking and this was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience Patrick and I will always be grateful for.

Music: Her by KYE-KYE. PS They’re coming to Manila soon!!! EEEEEEPPP!!! 🙂 🙂 Special thanks to COLUMBIA for our thermal wear, GO PRO HERO 4 and BLACKMAGIC Pocket Camera. And also to Kaki Tingzon for the artsy Title Card 🙂 🙂

8 Responses to Video Blog: The Pats in Iceland

  1. Hi Patty! Yep it seems like I am in a different country. Everytime I go to your video page. I feel like I was in a different country visiting like a tourist. Whew…. I am looking forward to more video if you visit another country. Woohoo. Baby 😉

  2. Hi…Is there a certain setting on the GoPro that will capture the Aurora? We are going there this March.. Can you share the settings if you know? Thank you!

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