Video Blog: Washington Road Trip

I decided to repost this today to celebrate with the partnership of SMART and AIRBNB in the Philippines!! Woohooo!!!

Here you go, folks, the video our family getaway to Mt. Rainier is finally up!!!! This video is making me miss our family in Seattle even more—especially our pamangkins Bella and Mateo! Thank you Lord for allowing us to spend time with Paul, Mic and their family..bitin na bitin, but it was such a memorable time for me and Patrick 🙂

Oh and you’ll also see snippets of our lovely mountain cabin, THE GRIZZLY TOWER in Packwood which we booked via 🙂 For more details about this property, just visit my previous blog post HERE.   Thanks again Patrick for this video!!!

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  1. SO BEAUTIFUL!! the video, the place, everything! And oh, it reminded me of Twilight as well. maybe because of the trees and the song? hahaha but i love it! so perfect! and the kids are too cute. hehehe More videos like this, keep ’em coming!

    avid reader since 2012 ❤️

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