Virtual Style Awards

Friends, family, friends of friends, countrymen, earthly dwellers, aliens and other heavenly beings—-Pansinin niyo naman yung babaeng naka black tank top on the right, emoting like she saw David Beckham emoting back at her. Well, THAT’S MEEEEEEE!!!!!! Ako yun, ako yun!!!!! I can’t believe it but somehow, I was nominated along with Daphne, Divine, Victor, and Saab! 

Every time I watch the Grammys, Emmys or Oscars, and the nominees always give that standard “I’m just so honored to be nominated…” or the “Even if I don’t win, just being nominated is enough for me..” I used to assume it was just the polite thing to say. BUT NOW, I totally get it! This is not just me being polite, this is me being overly ecstatic for this nomination. Hello, my picture is just sitting pretty above Daphne Osena. How is this even possible!!!!?!??!

Thank you so much to Style Bible for noticing me in the blogosphere. It’s such an honor to receive this tag, truly one of the highlights of my blogging career. 🙂 I’d like to thank my mom for always saying “Anak, I read your blog yesterday and I want to share it on my FB wall..what do I press again????Click ako ng click pero ayaw!” and to my dad for saying “So many people keep asking to have their pics taken with me because they read your blog! I think I should start my own blog!” and to my husband Patrick, the first person to ever like my posts—and sometimes the only one who favorites my corny jokes on Twitter. 

I’m not being self deprecating, I really do feel so unworthy –in fact, this is my mega yabang to the max moment!!!! Hello, they called me a CELEBRITY?!!??! Me, a celebrity gerbil?!?! The most famous of all gerbils in the land! Oh how I wish those kids who didn’t let me play chinese garter with them would see me now. Boo-yeah! I don’t need to join your childish ten-twenty game anymore!!! CHE! Hey, wait…that was just a joke..Come back! I still want to play with you guys…please???

I was a bit shy to share this to you guys, especially since ako yung pinaka-kawawa with the least votes! Hehehe!:) I’m not good with campaigning and compared to these real celebrities who have millions of fans, I’d be so happy already with 30 votes! Hahaha! That means 30 blog readers actually took the time to sign up and vote for me—Awww, you

But if you’re interested to VOTE for me (no pressure—but please, please, please VOTE for me—again no pressure kung feel mo lang—pero come on, just do it!!!).. You can even vote up to 10 times—note to PATRICK, MOM and DAD, my only supporters! Bwahahahaha! Kaluoy pud!
Here’s the link folks, thanks again!

UPDATE: I’m getting lots of votes from my awesome readers, definitely more than 30! WOW! 🙂 🙂 Thank you so much! I feel like a winner already!!!! 

9 Responses to Virtual Style Awards

  1. You just don’t know how popular you are Patty. I’ll keep on voting for you everyday. I hope you’ll win! XO

  2. waaa super love the “Kaluoy pud”

    proud cebuana here 🙂

    done voting..naka almost 500 kana po so hindi talaga bitin..nice one!

  3. I actually went to the site to vote for my pick but then I saw you and got interested and I must say, I liked your blog,too! I ended up voting both of you tuloy. Hahaha! Anyway, whether you win or not I assure you that you have earned another reader. Keep writing! 😀

  4. I love how you put in Cebuano phrases in your posts. hahahaha! You are not kaluoy. Definitely voting for you!!!