5 Ways To Prepare for a Trip with Your Baby


In exactly two weeks, we will be flying again with Theo—but this time we will be in transit for nearly 27 hours!!!! That’s including the flight transfers, lay overs, trip to and from the airport, waiting, and everything else in between. I am bracing myself for the longest travel experience with our baby! He will be about 11.5 months at the time, sooooo EEEPPPP!!!! Luckily, we’ve had a bit of practice with our short domestic trips but I guess I’ll be needing a ton of grace and an extra kilo of Patrick’s patience for us to survive this long haul journey. I am half part excited, half part @#$%^&*. Hahahaha! I have been doing a lot of research and trying my best to adapt a positive mindset about this adventure. I know there are a lot of newbie parents like us who are also trying to figure out this whole “travel with a baby” shindig, so I’ve decided to collate some tips that I’ve either learned through our own experiences, picked up from friends/family, or have discovered through my research online. Again, each baby is unique and so just take what you feel will be applicable to your own family. These aren’t solid rules, more just suggestions that hopefully will lead you to formulate your own travel system 🙂

  1. KEEP IT SLOW. This means you’ll have to build your itinerary based on your new pace with the baby. Prior to being parents, we were always on the go. I remember just living off our suitcases in our first two years of marriage, we were just shuttling from one country to another—either for work or for pleasure. These days however, we’ve learned to adapt a slower pace when it comes to traveling with the little mister. I personally subscribe to the baby-centric mindset of traveling..well, at least for NOW. This of course is because he’s still very little and I just want to make sure we put his safety and well-being first for the time being. It’s also because we are still learning the ropes as new parents, so I feel the natural progression is to take it step by step. Even if Pat and I are seasoned travelers and have been on a lot of cowboy adventures, it’s completely different traveling with a baby and we just want to start from scratch and work our way up slowly. Eventually, when we get the hang of it and are more confident in traveling with Theo, I do hope we can transition from baby-centric to just being regular travelers all over again as I wish to expose my son to all sorts of destinations and make him a versatile traveler. But for now, we’re going to take it slow and easy—zero pressure!
  2. COMMIT TO WORK AS A TEAM. Hay, this is easier said than done. As moms it’s easy to get carried away and want to HOG everything. I guess it’s both a good thing and a bad thing depending on how you look at it, but as moms it’s almost natural for us to take it upon ourselves to DO IT ALL. It’s almost instinctive. I’ve had a lot of mini mommy meltdowns when I tried to do it all and failed miserably. So now, I have learned that I need help and that I need to let go of some things to keep my sanity and to keep the peace too! So for this trip, I am committing to work hand in hand with my husband who thankfully is very hands on and willing to do almost everything for Theo. Let’s do this, Pat!
  3. TAKE TIME TO SAVE. To some extent travel is indeed a luxury, but if you give yourself enough time it’s possible to save enough for a trip without feeling the pressure. Instead of panic-saving (Example: you realize you need to raise 10,000 pesos for pocket money for a trip and you have only 2 weeks left! Acccck!!!!) you can save slowly but surely when time is on your side (setting aside 200 pesos a week for 50 weeks instead so it doesn’t feel like such a huge burden!). On this note, it’s also key to be realistic about your budget. Set a ceiling number and be creative. I always advice people to save wisely and be happy with the budget you have, travel is fulfilling and marvelous in ANY budget!
  4. SHOP AT TRAVEL SALES. I’m Miss Promo Girl. I love scoring deals, discounts and bargains. It gives me such a high to be able to get a good price cut. Iba yung kilig!!! With a bit of creativity and research, you too can avail of smart promos and maximize your budget for travel. Especially if you are traveling with family, if you can save on airfare and accommodations that means more pocket money for you to enjoy! Woohoo! More food allowance for me! I have two tips for travel sales: 1) Be sure you follow your favorite airlines on FB, Twitter, Instagram or better yet, subscribe to their mailing lists. They always have early announcements on their social media pages. We just scored 30% off promos from Etihad for our June trip and 40% off for another trip in November. Key is to book way in advance and off peak too!  2) Call your local bank and ask how you can score deals using their points/reward systems! I have a BDO Rewards Card now and have been earning points for travel through it. It’s not a credit card, so it works this way (click HERE). I actually just got an email about the BDO Travel sale this coming June 3 – 5 at SM Aura, June 17 – 19 at SM Cebu—so you might want to check that out.

5. HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE AND BELIEVE THAT YOU WILL HAVE FUN. So cliche, but it does make all the difference. For weeks, I was actually dreading this June trip thinking it would be very physically and emotionally taxing. The worry wart in me was thinking of 300 possible scenarios and it was clearly robbing me of the joy of travel. Then I realized, hey, this is THEO’S very first out of the country trip! And just a week shy off his birthday too! What a blessing this is—talagang hashtag #blessed in it’s truest form!!! Yes, it’ll be hard. Yes, it’ll make us bone tired. Yes, it’ll be a test of patience. BUT it will be filled with golden moments for me and my little family. This experience will fill our memory bank to the brim and it’ll be a trip that we will fondly remember when we are old and gray! So my prayer now is that my heart, mind, and body will all be on board—that they will work in sync with each other and that I will be a happy mommy throughout this trip. I owe it to my son and my husband to make it a pleasant and memorable experience for them.

So there, those are 5 tips I just wanted to share when it comes to prepping for a trip. I hope you found at least one helpful! Hehehe! Once I get back from our very first long haul flight, perhaps I can write more extensively about the travel experience itself and tips/tricks/magic potions as well. Thanks for your time guys!!! 🙂


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  1. Unsolicited tips from a mommy who recently traveled long-haul (12 hours) with a 15-month old kulit boy:

    (1) Feed during take-off. Hopefully, he’ll sleep through the flight.
    (2) Feed or pacifier during landing. Mine wreaked havoc during the last five minutes of landing.
    (3) Pull-up diapers! Bring a small cross-body bag for diapers, wipes and sanitizer so you can fit in the small plane lavatory. (That said, cross-body bags are a MUST!)
    (4) Toys. Mine was pre-occupied with stickers and small slinkys which did not take up too much space in my bag.
    (5) I once read a mom post to use a plastic transparent bag for baby stuff so you don’t have to make halughog the entire bag.
    (6) I read that you use Mixie (sp) but we used Playtex nurser with disposable drop-ins.


  2. what we always focus on is what we as parents can and should do. let us not overestimate our babies. your babies can also prepare. prior to travelling, you can start training your baby to be flexible, particularly with FOOD, MILK and NAP (just the daytime naps). This is what i did to my baby when we travelled overseas for the first time.

    first, with food, since she was already 1 or turning one, prior to our trip, i encouraged her to eat more variety of food and to slowly let go of the baby food so everywhere we go she can just eat what we ate and i dont have to always baon for her. especially if you are lucky enough that your baby does not have any known allergies. theo’s age, just like my baby when we travelled, is a tricky age. A lot of them still eat baby food but really, we can already introduce real food to them. this is where a lot of parents get caught in. they are stuck with the baby phase when their baby is already a toddler. so when they travel, they carry too much stuff – especially food. some of them even cook for the baby because the baby wont eat anything else but those purees that mum would cook at home. very inconvenient! however, if your baby is younger than theo and still need to eat baby food, maybe introduce the packed baby foods that you buy from the groceries (only if you are open to it as some moms still prefer homemade). since this is still baby food, some parents think that their babies will just adapt to it once they feed them these packets when they get to the destination. NOT! some babies are not used to the taste so better start feeding them these BEFORE leaving for your holiday.

    Next is milk. this is a sensitive debate so my safe advise is explore what can be comfy for you and once you made your choice, work on it. just like food, if you want to make a change, for example from breast to bottle, introduce it before you leave the country. So for breastfeeders who want to keep it at that, then by all means do so. If you are a breastfeeder and open to providing bottles, then start introducing the bottle to your child before your trip! Note that for over one yr of age, you also have the choice of cow’s milk! cow’s milk are so convenient as all you need to bring are the bottles and on the plane, you can just ask the flight attendants for some cow’s milk. you don’t need to baon (and timpla) all the time! you can also buy from convenient stores or even the restaurants will have it! for bottlefeeders who want to introduce cow’s milk, you will also need to get your child familiar with cows milk as formula vs cow’s milk may not taste the same to your child. another thing is some babies (especially over 1 yr) can live off sippy cups, no need for bottles all the time.

    with regards to naps, it may be worth starting to train your child to be able to sleep everywhere – carrier or strollers. because a baby with enough sleep is a happy baby. when you are travelling, you are out and about and if your baby is used to sleeping on the bed etc, he/she may miss her naps when you are out. best to train them to take naps on their strollers so that while travelling, they are not cranky and sleep deprived. i mentioned earlier that its only the daytime naps because you will surely be in your hotel by night time anyway and you too will be sleeping with your baby so there’s no issues with that. you’re baby will definitely have a good sleep at night. it is when you are out and about that your baby will struggle to get their needed daytime naps. so best to train them to get their naps anywhere and everywhere when needed!

    PS Pack a paracetamol. no need to explain why – im sure we all remember this anyway without being told. but the other thing a lot of us forget to pack is antihistamene. we dont know what’s coming – we are travelling everywhere, exposed to all kinds of food, air, grass and what not that our children my react to. its a bit stressful to see your child flaring up with allergies to and you are helpless. so dont forget to bring this.

      • Can I add? Na-remember ko lang dun sa milk. I’m mixed-feeding my bulinggit kasi, he drinks Brand N. So before leaving, I Googled kung available sa US yun, meron naman. So I just brought foil packs kasi bulky yung lata. When we arrived there, wala kaming makitang Brand N sa Walmart! Waaa. Eh bulinggit is luckily not a picky eater so we bought Brand E. Ayaw nya, huhu! Then nalaman namin Brand N is in the Hispanic Food section of the grocery hehe. But, sana nagdala na lang ako ng malaking lata para less hassle and gastos!

        For meds, I brought vitamins, paracetamol and antihistamine nga, even if he has no known allergies yet.

        Allot enough time din during immigration and customs yung pag-check ng diaper bag, better keep all the baby bottles with milk/water in one bag.

        I think I have more tips… but, mommy-brain. Haha. Enjoy!

  3. choose a location that your baby will enjoy not what adults will enjoy because if the baby is happy, you are happy. if you go to prettiest places but not convenient/ enjoyable for the baby, the baby’s crankiness will ruin not just the baby’s moods but the adults too! hehe.

    • Totoo! Kapag nagpa-plano kami ng byahe ngayon, unang tanong lagi: ano’ng sasakyan natin? kailangan ba ng car seat? sa pupuntahan ba natin, kasya ang stroller? ang mga activities na gusto nating gawin, pwede bang kasama si baby (kunyari, hindi na muna pwedeng mag-trekking ng until 2.000 meters above sea level…), o may pag-iiwanan ba tayo?

      Kailangan talaga mag-adjust both parents and baby. Kaunting “sacrifice” lang iyan, tignan ‘nyo ang bilis2x lumaki ng mga bata!

      • yes, worth it yung “sacrifice” kasi pag ipinilit mo yung gusto mo, hirap na hirap ka at pagod na pagod ka din in the end. and true enough, lalaki din sila at eventually they will be more convenient to travel with.

  4. Ang unang biyahe naming pamilya ay noon pang Pasko! Ang tagal na… na-realize ko, mas madali pa noon dahil mas maliit pa ang baby namin. Ngayon, malikot, magaslaw, curious at marunong nang “humindi”! Pero syempre, looking forward pa rin kami sa mga pasyal2x in the future.

    Ang masasabi ko lang siguro, the smaller the baby, the smaller the hassles. Kaya mas maganda, habang maliit pa sya ay sanayin na sa pagbibyahe! Ito namang amin, masyado yatang nahilig sa pagga-gala. Kasi pag nai-irita sya, kahit ilabas lang namin sa hallway tatahimik na! Hahaha! Happy trip to the Pats and sa inyo rin, fellow readers!

  5. sharing my top 5 tips based on my (short and long) travel experience with 2 babies in tow (2years old and 8 months). 🙂

    1. Somebody mentioned formula milk – it would be best to just bring your milk (and not just enough for the entire time but a little extra will not hurt). Sometimes, formula milk in general is difficult to find, worse when it’s a specific brand. 🙁

    2. Bring your child’s medicine. This is specially true if your going to a country that is non-english speaking. Sometime the specific medicine (that works for your baby) may not be available because they have their local version.

    3. Reserve your seat as soon as you get your ticket confirmed. Even though Theo is 11 months and may not fit into the bassinet, the extra space will help you during long-haul flight. They can’t bump you off later kase you have an infant/child ticket naman. 🙂

    4. Putting water in your baby bottle – not too sure about this but as you may know, some airport don’t allow you to have more liquid before coming in to immigration. So far in most of the airports I’ve been too, they didn’t mind the water on my son’s bottle but you can never be sure, so be prepared. Moisturizer, even if it’s for baby – if it doesn’t meet the required ml, they will still confiscate it so be sure to pack them in small containers as well.

    5. Most importantly, don’t mind your seatmate or anyone who gives you that annoying look when your baby starts to cry or get cranky. Just like them, you paid for your baby to be in the same plane even if it’s not the same price as theirs (tax lang if in case no seat ;P). There will be people giving you that look when you have been trying your best to sooth your baby… don’t mind them. deadma ka na lang… lol some are very understanding pero may 1 or 2 odd people who will be looking at you and your baby and best is to not mind them. 🙂

    Enjoy the trip… it’ll be tiring and exhausting but it’s so much fun having your tot with you traveling and exploring. 🙂

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