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Today, we celebrate 2 years of marriage! Wooohooooo!!!! 🙂 🙂 And just as a throwback, I’m sharing some our wedding party photos by the Catilos. Please note that these are unedited images, but still so puhhhrteee! We had both our ceremony and reception at Hacienda Isabella. A lot of people have been asking about our reception, so I figured it would be nice to also share snippets with you. Since our wedding fell on Thanksgiving Day, we wanted it to just feel like a family Thanksgiving dinner instead. After all, what better way to start your marriage than with a day dedicated to praising and thanking the Lord for his faithfulness and goodness?! So we decided to just do away with the usuals. We didn’t have any SDE videos/photo slide shows, no band, no performances, no games, no big surprises. Not only were we able to save a lot by cutting down on these add-ons, we were able to really spend time with each of our guests and just party with them family style. We didn’t really have any program, it was just my good friend Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio making short introductions for speeches— for the best men, bridesmaids/MOH, parents, and us. The only wedding traditions we had were the first dance and the cutting of the cake—because my cake (by my former boss turned friend Gel Colet of Swell Sweets) was just so lovely. We just wanted our guests to enjoy a night of good food and good conversations and judging by all the sweet words we received after, it looks like they all had fun even if our wedding reception was very laid-back and simple.

I guess Patrick and I are so alike in a sense that we are very people loving people. We wanted it to be a celebration of relationships, family ties, and friendships more than anything. Because I host events for a living, I know how events can often become so grand and big that the intimacy is often lost in the spectacle of things. So for our wedding, I wanted to just go back to the basics. To just make it feel like family and friends getting together to celebrate LOVE, that’s it. So we focused more on making sure guests were seated with people they would actually enjoy hanging out with and we were meticulous in choosing food that they could really feast on. Since it was a very relaxed affair, guests were mingling, hopping from one table to another, actually engaging with one another—which really made Patrick and I so happy.

K by Cunanan completely blew us away with their styling. Kaye and her team styled every little detail of both our ceremony and reception. They made our very simple wedding so pinterest worthy!!! Just yesterday at an event (2 years after), I got 3 compliments from strangers about the styling of our wedding. How I wish I could take credit for it, but really, everything was by K by Cunanan and Marge Montemayor! Pat and I were just the happy recipients of it all. And the food, wow! It’s a shame I didn’t have my camera with me to take food shots, but K by Cunanan served each guest a multi-course plated meal that left everyone full and satisfied. Guests also enjoyed a generous dessert buffet spread also by K by Cunanan and got to take home some sweets from the Candy Buffet by Sugar&Spice.

Our wedding wasn’t perfect —-I’m sure we had a couple of hitches here and there that Marge Montemayor just shielded me from, she’s the reason why I didn’t have to worry about a thing (HAHAHA!)— but it was exactly how WE wanted it to be. Pat and I were on full kayod-kabayo mode throughout our engagement– saving each and every penny for our wedding and our condo renovation simultaneously. We knew we had a tight budget to work with and we were committed to keeping it. We vowed to not start our marriage in debt, so we knew it was better to just keep things simple but still beautiful. I actually was OKAY with letting go of a lot of my little bride-y dreams to take on a more practical approach—but wow, the Lord just surprised us and gave us more than we could ever hope for. God just surrounded us with the right people at the right time and things just fell into place! I always thought that a wedding is about the groom and bride’s love for each other, and yes to a certain extent it is and it should be, BUT for our wedding, it was really a testament of HOW LOVED we both were/are.  Both sides of our families were very hands on with their support, friends were pitching in their precious time, talents and energy to really help us, and suppliers become instant friends because their service became more personal and heartfelt. A lot of elements in our wedding did not come with a price tag, but instead were gifts from people we love, making it even more meaningful. I only hope that somehow, someday, Patrick and I will be able to give back to others in the same way that our friends/family/suppliers gave ever-so-generously to us. So to everyone who was a part of our wedding and to those who continue to be a part of lives today, THANK YOU! And to my husband of 2 years, Patrick, OH YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂IMG_9250

IMG_2985-001 IMG_2992 wedding1
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Wedding Coordination: Marge Montemayor of Events by Marge. Event Styling and Catering: K By Cunanan. Wedding Venue: Hacienda Isabela. Bride’s Reception Dress and Groom’s Suit: Veejay Floresca. Makeup of Bride: Jasmine Mendiola. Hair: Marie Tan. Cake: Swell Sweets. Candy Buffet: Sugar and Spice. Photography: Catilo Photography. Lights&Sounds: Sensitivity.

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  1. Big sigh of relief! Want the same kind of “no program” dinner for our wedding but scared that guests will be bored and feel that it is so diffrent (not the good kind) fromwedding these days! Thanks for this Patty. Boost of confidence☺️

    • I’ve attended a lot of weddings with programs and they’re a ton of fun too! Either way, program or no program—as long as it’s personal and meaningful, the guests will enjoy for sure 🙂

  2. Hi Ms Patty! I also have this idea of a very simple wedding. Did you hire people to take videos (like the weddings of old, just random video of the whole event without SDE videos) or just photographers for your photos? I like the ribbon on your hair too, so dainty 🙂

  3. Hi Patty! Congratulations on your Anniversary. You and Patrick never fail to inspire me to hope and pray for God’s best. You are a testament of how Love should be – two people facing not each other but facing God together. Cheers!

  4. Hello Ms. Patty! 🙂

    I’ve always loved your wedding video and it always brings me to tears whenever I watch it all over again (Yes, even after 2 years). Haha I must say that your wedding video is really one of my favorites because I really felt how Christ was reflected in your relationship! IT WAS JUST BEAUTIFUL. 😀

    Thank you for inspiring people and may you be blessed in everything you do! 🙂

  5. wow! such an inspiration:). im getting married this coming last week of december and im so conscious how it would turn out. thank God i read your blog! it reminds me that the importance of wedding is your family, closest friends and relatives will enjoy each other and of course with full stomach. i am so blessed by your life patty!:)

  6. hi miss patty! i’m more of a reader of your blog (which i really enjoy reading) than a commenter, but i can’t help it, i love this post so much!! the photos are really good kahit walang editing, and i love the look on your faces, especially the last one! (look of love nga raw, hehe.) you’re a beautiful couple, you and pat, and i can’t wait to see/read/watch more of your adventures and kwentos together! (and children narin!!) 😉

  7. Stalker mode, eh? This was posted 2014 pa. I didnt know that you can cut those SDE things etc. Nowadays, people spend like 40-50k just to have that celebrity likr moment for SDEs. Anyhow, Minus all those things, your wedding for me is classic. 💜 By the way, whatever it is that you are going thru right now, God is with you, all the time. God bless you and your family and all the other people around you Patty. 🌸

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