Wedding Wednesday: Braided Photography

Remember our engagement video by Nicollo Lopez which I posted a few weeks back? Well, we were not only blessed with a video but we were also lucky enough to have talented photographer and friend, Krissy Rodriguez, there to take still photographs as well. A lot of people keep telling us “Napakaswerte niyo naman, you have so many wonderful photos to show your grand kids in the future!” and I couldn’t agree more. So to our dearest Krissy, thank you for this wonderful gift! Patrick and I will forever remember your kindness to us. Krissy just launched BRAIDED PHOTOGRAPHY a few days ago and of course, I wanted to make sure my readers get first dibs on this new line. Best of all, her services are reasonably priced–so you get quality and unique photographs without having to go broke. She’s one of the sweetest and easiest photographers I’ve ever worked with–so if you’re nervous about posing for a “love shoot”, fear not because she will make it a very easy breezy experience for you and your lovey dovey! 

Here’s the story of Krissy Rodriguez of Braided Photography:

“I started pursuing portrait / lifestyle photography in 2007. Since then, under the brand “Little People Lifestyle Photography”, I’ve focused mainly on children and their families and I’ve been loving every minute of it.

This year, because the idea of marriage has grown more real to me in my own life, and also because of the fact that I’ve always been a “cheese ball” – that every time I watch a romantic movie, or hear someone’s love story, and more so when I hear of proposal stories, I get giddy and tickled pink all over (or in tagalog, “Kinikilig ako!”) – I decided to branch out and photograph not only “Little People” but engaged and married couples too.

Just as every artist takes inspiration from someone or something, I guess you can say that I’ve been inspired by what I’ve learned about marriage and what awaits me and Patrick as a couple… to see Jesus woven into every aspect of our marriage one day. Hence the name, “BRAIDED”, inspired by Ecclesiastes 4:12 – “Three is even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.”

“BRAIDED” offers lifestyle photography for couples, both engaged and married. I do hope to take photos of couples celebrating their anniversaries too… perhaps their 25th, or even their 50th! Oh what a testimony that would be! To see Christ in the center of it all! I look forward to capturing your love story through my lens! YES! All the “kilig” moments – the sparkle in your eyes kinda thing!”

Here are the beautiful pictures by Krissy from our photo shoot in Splendido. 
Photographs by Krissy Rodriguez of BRAIDED PHOTOGRAPHY
Mobile 0920 907 9241
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“Hi Krissy! My fiance Andrew and I have been together for 7 years. We met in college and he’s been my best friend ever since. We’re having a simple ceremony in the province in 6 months. We are both hard working OFWs so this wedding is something we’ve been saving up for years! We’d love to have a photo shoot by Braided! Please be a blessing to us! #dapattylaurelblog #pasay”

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  1. I so so love the blog.. and so with the pictures.. i’m following you on twitter. i read your blog everyday but this is the first time to write a comment cause i’m a bit shy to post comments.but any way. your blog inspires me to write as well.. more blogs expecting from you. nice one.