Wedding Wednesday: Developing a Relationship with Your Designer

Every modern Filipina bride wants to be a VJF bride. Just scope out twitter and you’ll see so many brides-to-be clamoring for this young designer. What’s not to love about his designs?? They’re tastefully crafted, figure flattering, and oh-so feminine! He makes the dresses that girls actually like to wear. Of course, only a few are lucky enough to actually call themselves a VJF bride..and I’m one of those lucky girls!!! As I’ve mentioned before, my wedding gown is by Barcelona based designer Rosa Clara and Veejay Floresca will be designing my reception dress and also Patrick’s whole ensemble. 
His work speaks for itself and just by looking at the photos below, I’m sure you’re SOLD. But one thing worth mentioning about Veejay is his character–and for brides, this is something you should definitely consider when choosing a designer. Your wedding dress is possibly one of the most important (if not the most important) highlights of the wedding. All eyes will be on you so there is definitely a lot of pressure on the dress, hence, causing most of the stress. I’ve heard (and witnessed first hand) lots of horror stories concerning wedding dresses–stress that could have been easily avoided if the bride chose a designer who is not only talented but who is also known for dealing with clients professionally and lovingly. In my many fittings with Veejay, I’ve always left his atelier with a big smile and never a crumpled forehead. So this made me think of the qualities a bride should look for in a designer, and here’s what I’ve got so far! For the future brides, be sure to keep these little tips handy.
For a bride, there is nothing more comforting than to see a designer who’s very hands on. It immediately puts you at ease to know that the designer you chose is on top of every little detail and is in full control. Veejay is soooooo hands on, in every fitting he is present and gives instructions to his workers right on the spot. Whenever Veejay is out of the country, he sends his skilled assistants to take care of never feel like you’re going through the process alone.
A professional designer is a flexible one. If PLAN A doesn’t work, a designer should have PLAN B and C ready for execution. But a word of caution to the brides— by flexible, this doesn’t mean though that he will just give in to your every whim and cater to your evey demand. Most brides are fickle minded (guilty!) and often times, their ideas of the perfect dress will change and change and change again. This is a nightmare for designers and can cause a lot of conflict. A true professional will welcome the requests, find a middle ground but will also stand firm with his design aesthetic. 

A good designer is one who listens to the needs of the bride. If there is a particular feature the bride would like to hide or flaunt, then a professional designer would be willing to address these specifics and incorporate it into the design. Since I’m 5’3, I was very particular about the skirt part of my reception dress. I didn’t want to have a ball gown skirt because this would only drown out my very petite frame. Veejay understood this and made the perfect silhouette that gave the illusion of height. 
Your designer will be your shrink from time to time. They will be your sounding board when you’re feeling stressed so it’s nice to develop good rapport with your designer. Although Veejay has accolades to boast of, he always keeps a very down-to-earth and accessible demeanor. He is not at all intimidating kahit sikat na sikat na siya, which for me helps so much!
Veejay will call, tweet, text, email, and even skype his bride if need be just to talk about the smallest flower detail on your dress. He also has an assistant, Ms Annie, who sends me updates via text which helps a lot! 
This is very important!!! During our first meeting, Veejay, Patrick and I plotted out the timeline for the wedding and we blocked off all the fitting dates early on. And so far we are on schedule with everything.  
You don’t want your groom running away when you come waltzing down the aisle. Your fiance popped the question because he wanted to marry YOU—so that means he loves you the way you are and wouldn’t want you to pretend to be someone else. Sure, it’s easy to get carried away with all the wedding pegs and celebrity looks–but at the end of the day, you have to go for a dress that still represents you as a person. 

Photographers: Derf Palileo and Ton Palabrica

5 Responses to Wedding Wednesday: Developing a Relationship with Your Designer

  1. Omg!! Im getting married too but it will be next year. I really love Veejay, actually, I watched him during the project runway 1, and I like him since then. He looks like my brother too!

    Just want to ask Ms. Patty, was it expensive.? just want to know. Can u give me range? Really really love his creations!

    Congrats Ms. Patty (soon to be Mrs. Filart..:-))

    Best wishes! You will be a beautful bride..

  2. Wow u’r such a lucky bride! Saw rosa clara shop infront of president’s palace in france and their gowns are all lovely & expensive!

  3. What a perfect plan for back-up plan. You have given me inspiration that love truly waits I just hope I could find mine. I hope you will still find time blogging even if you’re busy being a good wife after. More power pats!