Wedding Wednesday: Fun and Quirky Cake Toppers

Halloooo! I’ve decided to dedicate wednesdays to all the random wedding inspirations I stumble across while researching for my own wedding. There are so many great ideas these days and since I can’t have a chopseuy-circus wedding with different themes jumbled up, I’d love to share them with you instead. This way, the wedding discoveries I find don’t go to waste. Hopefully you will be able to use some of the things I post for your own wedding or a wedding of a friend that you’re planning 🙂 Today, I’m posting some quirky cake topper ideas for you to enjoy! My favorite is the ninja bride and groom–simply too cute for words! 
Images via Etsy and Google

7 Responses to Wedding Wednesday: Fun and Quirky Cake Toppers

  1. Hi. I just thought that you could use an Up-inspired cake topper as you have used the theme in your video preview. Hihi. Just sayin’.