Wedding Wednesday: K by Cunanan

It’s a Wedding Wednesday, friends! Today, I’m more than happy to share one of our secret weapons for our wedding. She comes in the form of a petite and sophisticated lady, Kaye Cunanan. Kaye and I have common friends from school and it’s no secret that I’ve been her fan for many years! I even recall my mom telling me a year ago, “When you and Pat get married you should get Kaye! Her weddings are so lovely!”. And I couldn’t agree more. Kaye has impeccable taste and can transform even the most bleh-blah wedding into a dreamy celebration. Patrick and I met with her a few days ago, our very first step towards our serious wedding planning (yesss, seryoso na ito..magpapakasal na talaga kami!) and brainstorming with her is such a treat! I hope you understand if I keep the specifics hush-hush for now so we can save the surprise for our big day. Since our wedding will be very small, I’m happy that Kaye understands the whole vibe we’re leaning towards–which is more organic and simple. My bridesmaids are all ready to begin their DIY projects too, so it helps to have Kaye also as the captain of the ship–putting together our handmade items with her own beautiful pieces. She really is a wedding genius!!! I decided to grab some images from her site for all of you girlies out there. IM SOOO EXCITED!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 We’re getting marrieddddd!!! Jump, hop, skip, cartwheel! 
Sweet Shabby Chic
Deep Lavender Tones
 Sunny and Organic
Blush and Glass
Visit their Facebook Page here to see more weddings. 

6 Responses to Wedding Wednesday: K by Cunanan

  1. We had a tight budget for our wedding last October, but we made sure to prioritize the food and got K by Cunanan to cater. BEST. DECISION. EVER. Our chipipay reception venue looked anything but cheap thanks to their styling, and our guests RAVED over the food. Busog and masaya lahat ng bisita. 🙂

    Now I want to gatecrash your wedding if only to taste K’s food again. 😛

    Enjoy the rest of your preparations!

  2. If not for those old traditional Chinese people we’re having for our wedding, I will definitely get K by Cunanan. Her styling is impeccable 🙂

  3. Hi Patty!

    We also got KbyC for our wedding this December and we’re very much excited to see their setup for us. They’re indeed great and for sure, we’ll both have a lovely wedding.

    We’ll be waiting for more of your wedding kwentos!

    Happy Preps! =)

  4. Congratulations for getting K by Cunanan. both my fiance and I have been fans of their food and styling. it was utter happiness when we finally booked them.
    we’re so looking forward to your wedding and the pretty little details it will surely have! God bless the Pats! 🙂