Wedding Wednesday: Printsonalities

I’ll be honest with you, intially Patrick and I wanted to forego the whole printed invitations idea. We figured that since we only had a handful of guests on our list, it would be easier to just shoot them an email or a text message. We’d like our wedding to feel more like a thanksgiving dinner rather than an elaborate “invite the whole barangay” production, so we thought having printed invitations for such a small group would be unnecessary. Obviously, this is what happens when two kuripot kids get together–they think kuripot thoughts and make kuripot decisions! We’re practical to a fault. Hahaha! But after a few months, the sentimental BRIDE in me took over and I found myself browsing through websites looking at pretty wedding invitations. Then it dawned on me–wedding invitations are IMPORTANT. More than just specifying the venue and date, it’s a pretty looking shout out to your family and friends. It’s a sophisticated and more official way of saying “WE LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH WE DONT CARE IF IT’S SO BLOODY ANNOYING, WE’RE SO BLOODY IN LOVE!!!!!” Naks, may bloody bloody pa talaga–syempre LONDON Olympics theme tayo this week!:) 
Like I mentioned a few weeks back, we commissioned Fozzy to design our invitation suite–but what I had to hunt a bit longer for was a good printer. After careful research online, I narrowed it down to one supplier: PRINTSONALITIES. They are not only printers, they are actually quite known in the industry for being high end “invitation stylists”. They design customized invitations and stationeries for weddings, debuts, baby showers, and even corporate events. I shot them an email and immediately Lawrence responded enthusiastically (trust me, quick response time is a big PLUS). After a few exchanges online, we agreed to meet personally. My mom and I dropped by their office in Makati and had a very casual chat with April and Lawrence. They carefully explained all the minute details and instantly I felt confident in trusting them with our lives-–ay mali, invites lang pala. hahaha! Hey I just discovered this slash  thing. Wow, aliw! It’s like I’m splicing through words like I’m Uma Thurman in Kill Bill! Splice! Splice! Spliiiiiiice!
I grew up loving stationery and stickers, I even traded them with my classmates all throughout gradeschool–I tried trading stickers in college but no one wanted to join my sticker club. Weird.  Anyhoo, when they explained to me the different types of paper grains, dimensions, textures, and qualities–my eyes widened and I was just so stunned! The world of paperie is fascinating and the folks at Printsonalities definitely know PAPER.
And the glorious OC-ness doesn’t end there! Today I met again April (and this time Fozzy joined us!) to check out the pantone paper swatches (with hundreds and hundreds of colors). We had an actual “color-meeting” over merienda. It’s amazing how the color “SALMON PINK” is not as specific as you would think. It’s a rainbow within a rainbow within a rainbow, with a host of colors to choose from. This is something Printsonalities prides themselves in, aside from customizing each and every invitation–they take a step further by getting the exact color you want and not just a close cousin of that shade. 
Based on your comments and emails, I know that most of you are brides-to-be or friends of brides–so I hope my recommendations come in handy as you plan for your big day. I have chosen to share my personal experiences with these suppliers because I also want to make it easy for you. A lot of the suppliers I got are friends or people recommended by close friends, so I understand how important  honest recommendations are for brides. I’ve heard of psycho competitive brides who refuse to share their suppliers’ details–not happening here!!! The idea is to share the LOVE and HAPPINESS–so from one bride to another, here you go 🙂 

7 Responses to Wedding Wednesday: Printsonalities

  1. Oh Lord, I look like a possessed loony! I guess all the colors will do that to you. Haha!

    It was so great to finally meet you!

  2. Oh my gulay… FOZZY!!! AMISHUUUUUU LONG TIME!!! Ha ha ha!!! This girl is responsible for “It’s The Nio” (she coined it, it stuck, hee hee)

    You’re in good hands, Pat(S). She’s one, wickedly creative lady!!!

  3. Im an avid reader of your blog.

    Every morning before I start to work I read your new post.

    Thanks for sharing your wedding preps I got an idea where to get things needed for my wedding on December.

    Happy prep! =)

  4. a friend of mine and i do a matchbox swap once in a while. we got this idea from writer/pdi pam pastor and her friend who trade all the stickers they can fit in one small matchbox. you should join us! 😉

  5. Your blog is sooo helpful for a soon to be bride like me. I wish you could post some possible giveaways too, for sponsors. Thank you! 🙂

  6. I get so giddy whenever you posted something about your upcoming wedding. (soon-to-be-bride here) 🙂

    btw, natawa ako about the slash thing you recently discovered here. lol :))

  7. Hi Patty!

    hope you can share some ideas where to buy comfortable bridal shoes 🙂

    God Bless!