Wedding Wednesday: Sunjewel

Tadahhhh!!!!!! I’ve been itching to post these for weeks (blame my low EQ)–thankfully they finally gave me the greenlight! Here are the pictures from a campaign we did for Sunjewel! Bravo to my fiance for doing a good job “mowwwdeling” with me. It’s always awkward posing with Patrick for professional shoots, just go and ask the team behind this campaign. We have about 100 awkward outtakes (definitely not worthy enough for online posting!). I’d like to think that’s why Sunjewel chose us for this campaign, what we lack in smoldering poses, kayang-kaya namin bawiin with our witty one liners! Naks!! 
As most of you already know, Sunjewel made Patrick’s wedding band (as seen in the photos) and they also customized a beautiful wedding ring for me using my grandmother’s antique diamonds. I now have a beautiful piece of jewelry which I am excited to pass on to my child someday, just as it was passed on for generations before me. I was never particular about jewelry before but when Patrick gifted me with a one of a kind engagement ring, I just understood the beauty of jewelry all of a sudden. Sometimes it’s not about the flashy bling bling, it’s about the story behind each piece of jewelry that makes it more special. When jewelry is used to bestow genuine love, to show your appreciation, to celebrate a milestone, that’s when it truly sparkles. And that’s what Sunjewel always tries to preserve when making jewelry. In their quest for excellence, designing each and every piece with precision, using only the finest stones and gems, they are able to keep the integrity of each piece of jewelry.
I was lucky enough to play dress up with different pieces for this shoot. And wow, I really felt like a million bucks! Both literally and figuratively! Check out their latest collection below. 🙂 You can find these pieces in the Sunjewel showroom in Edsa Shangrila Hotel.
Photography by Sheila Juan-Catilo
Makeup and Styling by Jasmine Mendiola
Hair by Marie Tan
Clothes by Topman and Topshop

But here’s the good news folks!!! Sunjewel has been kind enough to give something EXTRA SPECIAL to one lucky couple! I’ve had several contests here on the blog, but this is possibly one of my favorite giveaways to date. I am smiling from ear to ear as I type this. So for all the couples out there who are planning to tie the knot, I urge you to join this. If you are single and would like to enter this contest on behalf of your friends, you are more than welcome to do so! As long as you follow all the steps below, your email shall be counted as an official entry. I can’t wait to read all your emails 🙂

We will be choosing 
You can choose from the designs available in their Facebook page OR if you’re looking for something more unique I can personally help you design your wedding rings along with the SunJewel Team!:) It’ll be such a fun collaboration! 

1. Click the LIKE and TWEET buttons below this post.
2. Click LIKE on the SUNJEWEL Facebook page. (Both of you have to click LIKE!)
3. Send your names, home address, wedding date and couple photo. Share your kilig-to-the-bones love story! (Max of 500 words) Email all these details to
All steps must be followed in order to qualify. Open to Luzon residents only.
Contest ends on November 3. Winners will be announced on the SUNJEWEL Facebook Page.

6 Responses to Wedding Wednesday: Sunjewel

  1. i love the pieces shown here. i’m going to take my fiancé to their store and have him buy me at least one.. i consider it a gift to me for doing most of the wedding preps. 🙂
    nice pictures too!

  2. No doubt in the fact that engagement and wedding rings adds more beauty to a bride…exactly like you..:)
    Choosing a unique and different ring is really necessary to make you look special.