Wedding Wednesday: The Fozzy Book

All throughout grade school I was always the one tasked to write on the blackboard because I had the prettiest penmanship in class. Patrick on the other hand has the most GALIT penmanship, I say galit kasi parang galit na galit siya sa papel. Every time I see his writing my eyes squint..yep, it’s that kind of writing. And no, he isnt a doctor. Hahaha! Sorry love, peace brotha!:) I always fill up documents on his behalf just because I’m so OC about handwritten forms.
My penmanship was always one of my strong suits—til I encountered Fozzy Castro Dayrit‘s website. All of a sudden my fingers became incredibly insecure. All those years of beautiful cursives went down the drain. I looked at her calligraphy and one word came to mind to describe my own penmanship—MEDIOCRE. Oh noooo!!! My handwriting became “Pwede Na”! Pwede NA?!?!?! Hindi pwede!!! hindiiiiiii!!!! I always got two awards in grade school “Best Penmanship” and “Sonshine Kid award” (It’s spelled “Son Shine”–because the SON (Jesus) was shining on me! HELLOOOO!!! Best. Award. Ever.) So I’m sorry, but this is personal. I even grabbed a sheet of bond paper and started scribbling my name–but it was hopeless. I had to admit defeat. The girl was obviously talented and there was no use in trying. Don’t believe me, check out her calligraphy!
But the Fozzy talent doesn’t end there! She designs invitations and logos as well! Pat and I asked her to design our invitation suite and it came out PERFECT. No revisions were needed, she got it instantly on the first try. It was so easy to collaborate with Fozzy because she’s such a sweetheart. I just told her the feel and color scheme of our wedding, showed a few pegs, and sent the text..and after a few days, she had our pdf files ready. From the bottom of our little hearts, I just want to extend my deepest thanks to Fozzy for working on our invitations! I CANT WAIT to show it to all of you–but of course, we’ll have to wait a few more months and reveal it as soon as our wedding is over 🙂 In the meantime, here are some of her past works.
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  1. I attended a workshop with a doctor in Bangkok and when he was about to hand out our certificate of attendance, he signed eache certificate with his name and I was so amazed… Para shang calligrapher! Ang Ganda ng penmanship. So rare for a doctor to have good handwriting but this doctors signature was amazing. 🙂

    My penmanship sucks. I could not write legibly. I cannot even read my own prescription at times 🙂

  2. Oh wow… that’s our invitation right there (Michael & Anna). And you’re right! I also got penmanship-envy when I saw her beautiful handwriting. She’s so fun to work with because she’s just as eaxcited to work on it as you are. The wedding preps excitement is not lost on her. We went through the same design process and she was able to translate what I had in mind and more.

    Goodluck with your wedding preps and enjoy every minute of it!

    Anna De Guzman-Nillo

  3. Hi Ms. Patty 🙂

    Sorry to bother you. I would just like to ask what other colors will match with Teal (medium blue green)? Just like you we’re also preparing for our wedding this coming March 😀 Hope you can also give some ideas where to buy some accessories like head piece or cute hair clip and bridal shoes 😀

    Thank you in advance.

    God Bless