Weekend in Borneo: PART 1

Patrick and I have been working like dogs for months now and the word “BUSY” almost feels like an understatement. But as we always declare, we love being productive, busy and always on the move. Work is always a blessing but it’s also good for the soul to take some quick breaks in between. Luckily, I was able to stumble across a promo fare a couple of weeks ago and with the help of AGODA I was able to plan a quick weekender to Borneo with Patrick.

Borneo is a huge island, so huge in fact that it’s the 3rd largest in the world and the biggest in Asia (Thank you Wikipedia!). It’s divided by 3 countries: Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia. We travelled to the Malaysian side of Borneo. It takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes to fly to Borneo from Manila, which makes it very accessible! Since we only had the weekend off, we flew in on a Friday morning and we were back in Manila by lunch time Sunday. We even made it to our church service in the afternoon. A trip to Baguio would’ve been more tiring! Hehehe!

P1230563 P1230564

From the airport we were whisked away to the Marina to wait for our speed boat transfers to Gaya Island. We felt like rockstars because we were given VIP treatment from the moment we landed all the way to the resort.

P1230588 P1230600

Gaya Island Resort in Pulau Gaya is under the YTL Hotels chain and also accredited by the Small Luxury Hotels of the World . SLH site is so well curated, they have the best collection of the most beautiful boutique and luxury hotels in the world! After our 15 minute boat ride, we were ushered to the lobby and Bowie gave us a personal tour of the sprawling resort.

“Within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park off the coast of Kota Kinabalu in Borneo, Gaya Island Resort rests along the coast of Malohom Bay, a natural sanctuary nestled in the hillside of an ancient rainforest with a stunning outline of Mount Kinabalu on the horizon. The resort’s architecture respects Sabahan elements; its 120 villas and two-bedroom suite use local materials and blend harmoniously with the natural environment while villa interiors are designed with a contemporary elegance. Gaya Island Resort is committed to ecologically-sustainable practices to minimise the carbon footprint within its environment. Therefore, the resort is a walking resort and only minimal motorised vehicles are used for operational purposes.”- GIR Site


My Gaya Island Resort Passport that includes a map, tips and other information!P1230727

 Their inviting pools are perfect for sun-worshippers. They also have a kiddie pool for guests with children.


Before checking in, we had some local fare at the Feast Village. I loved their Pomelo and Coconut Shrimp Salad!


Borneo1 P1230638 P1230650
P1230702We burned a lot of calories while hiking up to our Kinabalu suite, perched on the top most part of the island. The view was absolutely breathtaking! I loved how they incorporated the villas within the jungle setting, tucked behind the trees and not getting in the way of the island’s natural beauty.

Ahhhhhhh…this is the life. A plush king sized bed with silky sheets and fluffy pillows—and that view, oh, what a show off!!! You’ll see more of our luxurious suite in the travel video which I’ll be posting next week..right Patrick???? (He’ll have to find time to edit it!) Hihihihihi!!!

P1230741 P1230743

Set amidst lush mangroves, Spa Village Gaya Island is a tranquil hideaway surrounded by distinctive island flora and fauna. From the warm clear waters of Gaya and its rich lowland forests to the high altitude blossoms of Mount Kinabalu, our treatments utilise only the finest fresh local ingredients.” ,GIR siteP1230749 P1230754 P1230761 P1230774

Chillin’ like a villain.



Our Spa-mpering started with a foot scrub and back massage.


Sea salt and a mix of Bornean herbs and spices for the foot scrub. P1230808 P1230784All set for our couple’s treatment at The Spa Village.   P1230819

Our therapists Vyea and Irene surprised us with this romantic orchid arrangement!!!!! I love you too, Patrick! Hehehe!


Trying to be cool and chill, but I couldn’t help myself!!! I was so giddy like a little girl!!!


They let us experience the special “Couples Celebration of Rice” treatment which basically is the whole shebang! This couples treatment is an ode to local Bornean folk lore and traditions. I had the Unduk Ngadau treatment while Patrick had the Papakang–The Odyssey of 7 Brothers treatment.


I completely dozed off during my treatment and Patrick said I was already snoring! Eeep, how embarrassing! It was that relaxing!!!


My happy man. So glad he was able to get a much needed massage, this fella has been working so hard these past few months.


The relaxing scrub and massage left us extremely hungry so we went straight to the Fisherman’s Cove for a romantic, fine dining experience. Since they only have a few seats in this restaurant, prior reservations are necessary. The food was superb, especially their Grouper! OOhlalalala!

P1230863 P1230872 P1230879 P1230886



 I’ll have the second installment up on the blog in a few days so stay tuned for that 🙂

Would you like to visit GAYA ISLAND RESORT too? You can visit www.agoda.com for sweet deals and packages!

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