Weekend in Borneo: Gaya Island

NOTE: Here’s a throwback to an old entry from November of last year. Sharing this again for those who are planning a trip for the remaining holidays  in 2015! I highly recommend BORNEO! 🙂

Hey folks! As promised here’s the second installment of our Borneo getaway in Gaya Island Resort. I booked this gem of a resort via AGODA and have been raving about it ever since. If you notice on my blog and IG, I went a bit overboard with my photos! Hihihihi:) It’s just such a beautiful resort with excellent service—it’s hard not to spread the word about it. How I wish we had more than just a weekend to stay in Gaya Island, but even if our stay was quite short it was still jam-packed with activities. Thanks to Tracy and Bowie of YTL Hotels for customizing the perfect itinerary for me and Patrick–it was a mix of discovery, local cuisine and relaxation. They can create a package suitable to your preferences, just visit their website so you can choose which activities you’d like to try. We arrived on a Friday and enjoyed the Spa Village and a romantic seafood date (see previous post), then on Saturday we had a full day of exploration. They arranged for us to go snorkeling in the crystal clear waters around the island, after which we dropped by the marine conservation center of the resort (which is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating sea turtles and also for keeping the surrounding bodies of water clean), then we had a romantic picnic lunch by the beach. After resting in the afternoon, we were escorted to a private yacht and sailed away into the sunset. We even had wine on board! Awww, it was like a dream! 🙂 Then to top it all off, they prepared a private BBQ dinner for me and Patrick on the beach. We even had our own chef and butlers to serve us! We enjoyed chatting with them while dining on some fresh seafood (lobster, prawns, fish, squid) and also grilled meats. It really was the perfectly planned holiday for us, just what we needed after a very stressful work season. Thank you again to the wonderful staff of Gaya Island Resort for making this a trip to remember! P1230954P1230679P1240014P1230911P1230905P1240039P1240037 P1230997 P1230999 P1240003P1230982 P1240011 P1240019 P1240031 P1240035P1240054 P1240056 P1240063 P1240068P1240107 P1240072P1240091 P1240101P1240085P1240110P1240141P1240131P1240168P1240178 P1240188

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  1. Hi Patty,

    Nice pictures! Btw, if it’s ok to ask, what’s the camera of your husband? It looks like a Ricoh but I could be wrong. Does it have a “fixed lens” or you can change it? TIA! And your blog’s new design is really nice! Congrats! Cheers!

    Best Regards,

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