Weekend Instagram Updates

FRIDAY: I braved the Katipunan traffic to host the first episode of the Lopez Digital Media Series 2013 featuring Carlos Celdran and the Guidon’s finest. It was a very meaty discussion about social media and “slacktivism”. I’ll let you guys know when the episode is up online! Thanks Apa for this photo.
SATURDAY: I love weekends because that’s when we get to hang with our friends and I get to take a break from cooking and cleaning! Yey!!!:) Saturday was an ultimate PIG OUT DAY for me and Pat. We started with brunch at Yushoken in Alabang with his amigos Joey and Dip. These three musketeers have been best friends since they were 3 feet tall, hahaha!!!:) 
After lunch, We grabbed some Cold Stone Creamery at their newly opened Serendra branch. 
Then we headed to Casa Enrile in Dasma for the BBQ despedida for our good friend Raffy. 
Raffy we will miss you so much!  We know God has amazing plans for you and we are confident that this will be life changing experience for you! We will save up to visit you in Singapore soon 🙂
From Raffy’s despedida we zoomed to Rockwell, this time for Rondy’s despedida. We had a vote off and Wolverine won over MY VOTE: Grown Ups. Sorry Adam Sandler, I was forced to ditch you for Hugh Jackman and his biceps. Rondy, we hope to see you back in Manila again soooooon!!!
SUNDAY: I accompanied Patrick and his parents to their family reunion today…but unlike other family reunions, this one was a bit more above average because it was the gathering of Jose Rizal’s descendants! How cool is that? As you know my husband is part of the 5th generation under the Olimpia Rizal line. The highlight of my day was adding my name on the RIZAL CLAN FAMILY TREE! Our future kids will be 6th generation Rizals! WOW!:)
 Mexican Dinner with the Filters and Pacis couples 🙂
Patrick is currently working on a video edit, it breaks my heart to see him hard at work on a Sunday but I’m glad we were able to maximize the weekend with our friends 🙂 I hope you all had a great weekend!

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