Welcome to my New Home, Homies!!!

DAPAtty. This was a nickname I acquired in high school. Needless to say, I was famous for tripping, falling, bumping and crashing. As a freshman, I slipped on a wet ramp and flashed my lavender so-en panty to a bunch of hot senior guys. In my junior year, I was rushed to the clinic once for tripping on a pebble, not a rock, a friggin’ pebble!!! One time, I fell and was forced to go skiing on a flight of stairs and they had to ice my bum for a whole afternoon.  I even tripped while I was getting out of my car..and bruised myself pretty badly on the pavement. Not exactly something you’d like to be known for, but yes, that was my reputation in high school. The school klutz. The girl with a bruised knee. Tapilok Queen. DAPAtty. When they said “that girl is such a trip!” they didn’t mean it in a hippie kind of way, they meant “trip” as in to fall.

I remember the moment they announced my name when I won as our school Prom Queen..it was the biggest moment of my teenage life! It was my time to shine in my 800 peso dress (my father’s an Ilocano, go figure!) and I was thrilled! But I couldn’t fully enjoy my BIG superstar moment because my whole barkada kept chanting “Ops, ops, wag kang madadapa! Ingat at baka matapilok!” as I was making my way to the stage to claim my prize. It was perhaps the longest 5 minutes of my life, dancing to “King and Queen of Hearts” trying desperately to keep my two feet grounded! Hahaha 🙂

As i was thinking of a name for my new blog, I was struggling with all these cool and catchy names. I had several options actually like: “www.myblogiscoolerthanyourblog.com” and “www.pleasemaawanamankayo.com”. I also wanted to go with something really unique like “www.facebook.com” or “www.youtube.com” but for some reason nabili na ata yung mga domain na yun..ang labo nga eh. What are the odds? Anyway, I wanted it to be awesome. Then I realized that by putting an awesome name, you’d have to have an equally awesome blog to go with it. It was too much pressure, I didnt want to impose impossible expectations on myself! Especially since I wouldn’t want to let down the 8 members of my blog fans club. Mahirap na, baka bumagsak yung followers ko from 8 to 6! Whoa. Big numbers right there. I refuse to be a failure! So there, after the 30 minute internal debate..I thought of using my name again (how original, Patty, nice one) but this time I got clever..I added a DA! Not a THE, because that would be too predictable..not DUH, because that’s just dumb..but DA! As in TA-DAAAAHHHH here’s my new blog!:)

17 Responses to Welcome to my New Home, Homies!!!

  1. I’m really glad you have your blog back again! I really enjoy reading your entries, looking forward to the next ones!~ 😀

    And your layout is really pretty too. 😀

  2. welcome back ms patty! looking forward to reading more posts.

    question. will this new blog be as kilig as the old one? 🙂

  3. I really adore your blog ever since I discovered it way back! Good thing that you’re back now miss Patty! You and your blog is such an inspiration to me! God bless!

  4. congrats pats!!!!

    i dont have a blog but since yous is really interesting and enticing? i must say… im planning to have/ create mine… hehehe…

    some tips please? :))

    way to go pats!!!