Who’s your EVERYDAY Hero?

My everyday HERO is my Dad. And my Mom. They’ve rescued me from many little life disasters and I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for them. I mean REALLY, they sort of made me..you know:) And so when I watched this video, I was completely blown away!!! 
         Hero from Miguel Endara on Vimeo.
How I wish I could be this talented too, how I wish I could also pay tribute to my parents in a WOW kind of way! I’m sure you have someone special in your life too, that one person who always manages to make you smile each day. It could be a family member, an officemate, or someone you’re not really close to but has made such a big impact in your life.

Could it be your building receptionist who always greets you with a knock knock joke every morning? Or could it be your hardworking Nanay who’s been juggling three jobs just for you to be able to finish college? Or the friendly manang in your office cafeteria who always adds an extra cup of rice on your plate? Or the maintenance fella on the 6th floor who always does such an excellent job of cleaning your staff lounge? Who is that ONE person who deserves a little appreciation this holiday season? 

American Poet Wallace Stevens got it absolutely right when he said:“The only emperor is the emperor of ice cream”. And today, my dear friends, that shall be my mission…to be THE EMPEROR OF ICE CREAM!!!! Empress Patricia of Ice Creamville!:) WHY ICE CREAM? Because I wanted to keep it simple..and ICE CREAM is that common denominator that makes us all happy. Rich, Poor, Old, Young..everyone loves Ice Cream. So I teamed up with the folks at Selecta Hershey’s for this little project! Bringing tubs of HAPPINESS to people who truly deserve it! 
Share your story and I might just send someone to deliver some tubs of Selecta Hershey’s HEATH Ice Cream to that special someone! That’s right, we’ll bring the HAPPINESS straight to his/her doorstep next week! 🙂 I’ll be picking SEVERAL winners for this contest..the goal is to spread the love to as many people as possible! PASKO NAAAAA!!!!:)
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3 Responses to Who’s your EVERYDAY Hero?

  1. Thank you Patty for the 2 tubs of Selecta Hershey’s Heath Ice Cream!! My father was surprised! By the way, here was the entry I sent:

    Just this morning, while waiting for the shuttle van to be filled with passengers, i saw from the inside my father knocking at the door of the van, looking for me. When one of the passengers opened the door and my father saw me inside, he handed me a glass of milk saying “you forgot to drink your milk”. I was SOOO embarrassed yet touched by my father’s gesture to me – who is already 39 years old. =)