13 Responses to Wrong Spelling Wrong

  1. okay lang yan! April fools’s day daw kasi! And that’s a funny way of welcoming your birthday month too! Teehee :>

  2. we have the same rant Ms. Patty. 🙂 My nickname is Patty too btw 🙂 and whenever the cashiers ask for my name they will spell it as “FATI” at least sayo tumama sila sa double T. haha :))

  3. Patty! I actually have pictures of my coffee cups with wrong spelling. For “Tippy” I get “Tiffy” “Stephanie” & “Pipy” then when I use “Tessa” (thinking that it’s easier to pick-up,) they write “Thesa”, “Jessa” & “Theresa”. Nakakakaloka. Hahaha.

  4. Hahahahah!!! Don’t worry Miss Patty di ka nag-iisa… madalas mangyare sa akin yan… Last week lang naging TANGO ang pangalan kong TROD minsan nagiging DON din o kaya TROT!!! hahaha!!! :))

  5. bwahahahaha I can’t stop laughing. in my case, i had to like repeat my 3-letter name 5 times but they still didn’t get it right until my friend shouted it! frustrating!!!!