Yes, I’m a sucker for cute babies.

Here’s a little something to chase your rainy day blues away. Meet my tiny buddy, Audrey. You could be the most cynical person in the world, but I bet my pwet..these pictures are guaranteed to make you smile 🙂 Don’t you just love babies!? I’m with 4-5 year olds all the time and don’t get me wrong, I love them to pieces..but post playground time is not exactly my favorite time of the day. I’ve had to learn to hold my breath while taking out 15 tshirts (amoy pawis, amoy araw, at amoy lupa) simultaneously. Infants always smell good!!! It’s like God keeps sprinkling them with spiritual cologne that just makes them smell more heavenly than the older children. Girls even have a better advantage because we all know that females smell better than males. Baby boys smell like vanilla now..but in a few decades they’ll be smelling like spoiled milk. I’m not being sexist, I just speak the truth. Men, go ahead..I urge you to smell us..then smell yourself..then smell us again. Don’t force me to call on the Old Spice guy to tell you that you stink. Hahahaha!!! Peace to all my male readers, please do not abandon me. I’ll be kind.
Before I find myself in the middle of a heated discussion on gender issues…Let’s focus on our main agenda for today, and that is: GIGIL over this little ball of cuteness 🙂

Baby Photography by Sheila Juan-Catilo 
Special thanks to Cecile and Jonsy Filart

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And…. I’m a sucker for cute oldies too!
An excerpt from an old blog post September 2010.

I’ve said this once before and I’m afraid I’ll get a lot of flak for saying it again. I only like children and old people. Everyone in between pisses me off. Children are innocent, Old people are wise. The rest of us teens, yuppies, and middle aged peeps are just a bunch of idiots running this joint! Hahaha 🙂
I’ve shared several posts on children, I guess it’s no secret that I enjoy being with kids. (Umm Patty. You’re a teacher. You’re SUPPOSED to like kids) But something I have never shared openly is my fascination for the aged. I have this soft spot for old people. (I dont even know if it’s politically correct to call them “OLD”.sorry but this dumb dumb has no other term. Peace!) Every time I’m in a new place, I always make friends with oldies! And somehow oldies are always drawn towards me. I’m an OLD PEOPLE magnet. And not just OLD people but old,sweet, charming people!!! (I dont know why. Maybe it’s my OLD PEOPLE TOTALLY ROCK shirt? Hmmm..maybe?) I’ve received free apple pies, free coffee, free wine, and even a free drive to the airport from these oldie strangers-turned-friends 🙂
One of my most memorable conversations was with an old Italian grandpa, I was on the train all by myself from Como heading to Milan. He smiled at me and I smiled back. He spoke to me in Italian and when I answered him in English, he suddenly had this huge glow on his face! I could actually hear his inner voice saying “AHA! Time to practice my rusty English!”. He was so sweet, trying his best to express himself in English (which he said he learned while he served in the army). I also tried to express myself in whatever broken Spanish-Italian-Portugese (which sounded more like Bisaya..hehe) I could gather but soon realized that he actually enjoyed conversing with me in English. He told me stories about the war, about his grandchildren…and I tried my best to paint a vivid picture of the Philippines..our clear blue skies, beautiful white sandy beaches, and coconuts 🙂 He told me that it has been a lifelong dream of his to travel to Asia..but with his limited funds and old age he knew it would forever remain a dream. He reminded me of how blessed I was to be so young and able to see the world. He pulled out his train ticket from his pocket and scribbled his address and name on the back. He asked me to promise that I would send him a postcard from the Philippines with a picture of the sandy beaches. He said, “I will wait for your postcard. I will show to my family. They will be happy. It will be like we traveled to the Philippines”. AWW ITALIANO LOLO! Gusto ko ng umiyak, kung mayaman lang ako..linibre ko na yung buong pamilya niya! It was a sad and sweet moment with this complete stranger.It was a surreal 30 minute experience for me. I actually felt like I was Audrey Tatou and that I was actually in an art film. How do these moments actually happen in real life?! 
PS. I sent him the postcard 🙂

Images taken from Google

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