Your GRACE is sufficient for me

It’s 5:30 am and I’m already up. I left the shutters wide open and so the hazy Tokyo sun managed to greet me way before my intended waking time. I figured it would be a good opportunity to blog, especially since I haven’t had the time to really sit down and labor on my posts because of all the traveling and work I’ve been swamped with for the past few weeks. I actually thank God for waking me up early. The gift of extra time is such a bonus these days. Blogging has always been my happy therapy so when I find a little pocket of time for it, it means a lot—kahit minsan kababawan lang naman ang naisusulat ko dito. Hehehe. I decided to dedicate this morning to talking about my favorite song of all time—AMAZING GRACE. I’m sure the Catholics and Christians here are familiar with this old song. This hymn has carried me through many seasons in my life and to this day, it still tugs the heart strings every time I hear it. I’m not sure if I’ve already blogged about this before—so if I did, forgive the reiteration. I love this song so much that at our wedding, I asked our good friend Jay to sing it for us. I was a wreck crying at all parts of our wedding—but when he sang this, that was the end of me! I couldn’t care less about my makeup or how horrific my hagulgol would look—I was just reminded of my own personal life journey and bumigay lang talaga ako. I had the ugliest cry! Hahaha!

The latest album of Hillsong entitled NO OTHER NAME (You HAVE to download it on iTunes!!! It’s incredible!) has a beautiful song called Broken Vessels which picks up a few lines from the old hymn. This morning, as my form of morning worship, I sang along with this song and ended up teary eyed by the time it hit the chorus. You can click play and enjoy the song first 🙂 I hope this song blesses you also today. His GRACE is amazing, indeed. 

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