Your Love is Relentless

GRACE. When you think GRACE, you think 1) A pretty girl’s name 2) A ballerina twirling effortlessly 3) Something soft, elegant, delicate, refined. BUT if you really stop to think about the true definition of GRACE—or at least in the context of God’s grace you’ll be surprised to see how it’s actually a virtue of strength and tenacity. And this song is really a reflection of God’s grace—HIS LOVE IS RELENTLESS. It cannot be shaken, it cannot be broken into pieces, come what may it will still stand strong and steady. 

I am a product of Grace. Awww maaaan, a tear is forming in the corner of my eye. Buddy, stay with me, don’t you dare drop. Oh shoot, too late, it just rolled down my cheek. Grrr. Bwisit. Every time I hear stories about other people going through life struggles, people who’ve been dubbed as messed up, washed out and hopeless—I always close my eyes and remember how it was for me to be in that place too. I still find myself in dark pockets from time to time, it’s never really smooth sailing all the way, but then I’m pulled out of it–again, only by GRACE. It is something I definitely don’t deserve, something I can never ever work for or earn, it is simply a gift given lovingly by God to those who receive it wholeheartedly 🙂

3 Responses to Your Love is Relentless

  1. Nowadays, i’m so obssessed with ABC News’ “What Would You Do?” With John Quinones..not sure if you’ve heard of always makes me cry and gives me hope that there’s still goodness on this world we live in..people speaking up for those who can’t/won’t..

    try looking for some episodes on youtube..i’m sure you’ll like it (some cringe factor, but mostly awesome reactions from awesome people) 😀