You’re too FLY for me, SON!

Today, I woke up suddenly missing my former preschool students in Kinder Care. Most of them are now in the “big school” and thankfully, I still get to catch up with some via Facebook. Yes, these kids have their own accounts too! I fondly remember trend spotting first thing in the morning when my students would come to class smelling so fresh and so clean, all pimped out and properly styled by their fashion forward parents. Napapaisip tuloy ako “I wonder if they have that in my size!”. Hahaha! So today, I decided to add something to my prayer request. Remember I asked God to give us “cute and mabango kids” before..well, now I’m editing that. Lord, please grant me and Pat “cute, mabango and FLY kids!” And by fly, I mean too cool for school! Check out these little cuties..this is what you call: living YOUNG, wild, and free!
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