This is a bit overdue (mommy had some serious backlog because of the holidays and work work work!!!) but I’d like to share some photos from the ZIPPY store opening in Glorietta. I went bonkers over all the clothes available for Theo! So stylish for my little gentleman!! I think I got a bit too excited and ransacked all the racks! Hehehe 🙂 Congratulations yet again to ZIPPY for opening your flagship store in Glorietta! More ZIPPY stores to open in the coming months, so watch out for them in a mall near you!

P1390080P1390099P1390077P1390101 P1390086   P1390108 P1390111 P1390120 P1390103P1390122P1390124 P1390129 P1390132 P1390135

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